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Though the heavy doors to their chamber were closed, he would occasionally hear muffled but distinctly angry shouts. ali sat on a divan in the anteroom, served numerous cups of tea by an obviously nervous secretary. ali knew there was deep resistance to his research, but for the life of him he couldnt figure out why. he was a simple mathematician. he came up with some unique observations. he wanted to share them with his peers Overview: biotech researr discovers a new life-extension technology and is murdered.

Various pharaohs, kings and queens ruled Egypt until Cleopatra VII died in 0 B. Girls held important roles in ancient Egypt and could grow up to occupy high ranks in society, as Cleopatra did.

Family was very important in ancient Egyptian society, and girls were valued just as highly as boys. Children respected their parents and gave equal importance to the lineages of their mothers and fathers when tracing their heritage.

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