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See all photos. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Jon Cryer Berta episodes, Charlie Sheen Charlie Harper episodes, See full cast.

Edit Storyline The Harper brothers Charlie and Alan are almost opposites but form a great team. Plot Keywords: male objectification 21st century gender in title male protagonist number 2 in title See All 47.

Taglines: Two adults. One kid. No grown-ups. See more. Genres: Comedy Romance. Certificate: TV See all certifications.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia was the first year since the show's inception in which it received no Emmy recognition. Goofs Throughout the show Evelyn sometimes enters Charlie's house directly as if she had a key or as if the front door was unlocke while on other occasions she rings the doorbell. Crazy Credits The Chuck Lorre Productions vanity card at the end of each episode consists of the words "Chuck Lorre Productions", the vanity card number, and a short essay or mini screenplay that changes with each episode.

Topics have included a riff on slang words that Lorre wants to coin, the reason a certain scene containing the line of dialog that was used as the episode's title was edited out, and a screenplay about Lorre's assistant entering his office and finding him curled up in the fetal position.

Connections Referenced in Half in the Bag: The Haunting of Hill House and Overlord See more. Soundtracks Two and a Half Men Theme Music and Lyrics by Grant GeissmanLee Aronsohn and Chuck Lorre See more.

User Reviews season 9 oh dear, come back Charlie all is forgiven 27 September by sculpter - See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: What was the real reason that Charlie Sheen was fired from the series?

Naval intelligence and a drug cartel.

MODOK is lobotomized and employed to infiltrate spy satellites and manipulate the stock marketbut he recovers and exploits the situation until captured and taken into custody by S. In GLX-Mas Special 1, MODOK and A. fought Dum Dum Dugan and his S. squad, but were defeated by Squirrel Girl and her squirrel sidekick Tippy-Toe.

MODOK then seeks a sample of the cybernetic species the Phalanx[28] and after brief encounters with the mutant superhero team the X-Men[29] battles Ms. Marvel once again, the heroine aided by fellow Avenger Wonder Man during an elaborate sme by renegade A. brans to kill MODOK, with one of the rogues being MODOK's long-lost son, who seeks revenge for his abandonment.

Employing an elaborate sme and double-crossMODOK restores his personal wealth and power and re-establishes himself as the leader of A. once again. It is also revealed that MODOK was involved in the creation of both the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk and belongs to the Intelligencia, a secret organization of genius-level supervillains. MODOK was seen in Puerto Rico attempting to create an army of genetically enhanced monkeys called A.

Monkeys to eliminate the recession in A. During the Fall of the Hulks storyline, it is revealed that MODOK is a member of the Intelligencia, who had a part in the creation of both the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk. When several heroes are subjected by the Intelligencia to the Cathexis ray, which can transfer radiant energy from one subject to another, Amadeus Cho is affected as well.

MODOK Superior and some rogue A.I.M. Agents joined up with S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to make a deal to take down Andrew Forson (the current leader of A.I.M.). After a brief retirement, MODOK Superior returned and opened up a group of assassins called the Agents of MODOK (Mercenary Organization Dedicated Only to Killing) where they killed evil people The official online shop for all things Mr. Men and Little Miss. Personalise your very own Mr. Men Gift with your name. See our full range of products Music video by Ne-Yo performing Miss Independent. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 7, (C) The Island Def Jam Music Group#NeYo #MissIndependent #Vev

Unlike the others, who become "Hulked-Out Heroes", his mind expands and becomes so powerful that he gains the ability to warp reality within a foot radius.

Using this power, he reverses the process that created MODOK, turning him back into George Tarleton, who knows no better than to get away as quickly as possible.

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George Tarleton was taken into custody by the U. military and remains confined, where Bruce Banner occasionally calls on him to help defuse the "doomsday plans" that MODOK installed in the possibility that his master plan should fail. However, Tarleton appears to remember next to nothing of his former life as MODOK and, in fact, seems to be either traumatized or just a ordinary man again.

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Unknown to everyone, the doomsday plans left behind by MODOK actually serve as a distraction. The plans themselves are coordinated by a 'cluster' of brains, cloned from MODOK's own, who act as one non-sentient supercomputer. This cluster is destroyed by the Red Hulk and the doomsday plans are stopped.

However, one of the cloned brains, rather than being utilized as an organic computer, is allowed to develop naturally and then uploaded with MODOK's mind.

This new MODOK who has the appearance, genius-level intelligence and mental powers of the original MODOK, but apparently none of his weaknesses calls himself MODOK Superior and prepares to make his own mark on the world. Cooperating with the Intelligencia once again, MODOK Superior and the Intelligencia attempt to study the body of a Spaceknightwhich had crashed on Earth for unknown reasons.

When the Avengers attempt to stop them, the body is revealed to be the latest vessel for the consciousness of Ultron. In the battle with the Avengers, MODOK Superior takes on Thor, claiming he has the power of a god - and being immediately struck down.

During the " Fear Itself " storyline, MODOK Superior reviews the attacks by Skadi and tells his followers that she is actually the Red Skull 's daughter Sinwho has tapped into the powers of the Asgardians.

He then views from his surveillance that the Red Hulk is fighting the Thing in the form of Angrir: Breaker of Souls. In the prologue to the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, MODOK Superior targets an ex-A. scientist named Dr. Udaku who was being escorted to the Pentagon by Wakandan forces. Before MODOK Superior could burn Dr. Udaku, the Scarlet Witch arrives and fights MODOK Superior, while smaller MODOK pawns surround the Scarlet Witch.

In the nick of time, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman arrive and help to defeat MODOK Superior and A. MODOK Superior and some rogue A. Agents joined up with S.

in order to make a deal to take down Andrew Forson the current leader of A. After a brief retirement, MODOK Superior returned and opened up a group of assassins called the Agents of MODOK M ercenary O rganization D edicated O nly to K illing where they killed evil people. However, he made the mistake of recruiting Gwenpool when she killed his top assassin and took credit for his kills.

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MODOK Superior and a group of A. members attacked a HYDRA airship to capture Shiklah, who was in its custody. Deadpool saved her, and stole MODOK Superior's chair. During the " Secret Empire " storyline, MODOK Superior appears as a member of the Army of Evil and took part in the attack on Manhattan in retaliation for what happened at Pleasant Hill during " Avengers: Standoff!

MODOK Superior resurfaced in a new form during a confrontation with the newest incarnation of the West Coast Avengersnow appearing as an attractive, long-haired man, calling himself BRODOK B io- R obotic O rganism D esigned O verwhelmingly for K issing and insisting that he was now reformed.

During the "Iron Man " story arc, the War Machine was about to be experimented on by some Deathloks on Lingares when he is saved by someone.

When the War Machine cats up to the rest of Force Works and gives them their equipment, they discover that his rescuer is MODOK Superior. He states that he wants to add his brainpower to Force Works as its newest member. After the bearded Deathlok was beheaded by the U. Agentthe War Machine temporarily turned into a Deathlok to control the remaining Deathloks into fighting Ulti-MODOK.

When Quake briefly opened a lava-filled chasm, Ulti-MODOK fell into it, with the Deathloks following him down into it as well. George Tarleton was subjected to a mutagenic process that transformed him into MODOK and granted him superhuman intelligence, sacrificing his body for gaining the world's largest brain. He possessed enhanced intuition, pattern solving, information storage and retrieval, and logical and philosophical structuring.

MODOK's ability to predict probable outcomes of tactical and strategic scenarios was so advanced that it bordered on precognition. His intuition was heightened to the degree that his huns were almost always correct.

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MODOK had a perfect memory with the ability to recall every moment. However, his creativity remains at an average human level. MODOK's vast intellect made him one of the few beings that can comprehend and build the Cosmic Cubeone of the reasons for his creation. He also had psionic powers enabling him to contact others through telepathy, mentally control individuals or large groups, and generate force fields strong enough to withstand minor nuclear explosions.

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Courtesy of A. technology, MODOK wore a headband that enables him to focus his mental power into devastating mind-beams. A side effect of the mutation was the growth of Tarleton's head to the point whereby his body could no longer support its weight, needing to rely on an exoskeleton and a hoverchair called the Doomsday Chair for movement. The Doomsday Chair was also equipped with destructive weapons, including missiles and lasers. Occasionally, Tarleton had the use of a giant humanoid robot body that was proportionally sized to fit his head and body.

MODOK Superior has the same appearance, genius-level intelligence and mental powers as the original MODOK, but apparently none of his weaknesses. A version called "MODOC" M ental O rganism D esigned O nly for C onquest appears in the title Marvel Adventures: The Avengersbriefly turning the Avengers into superior versions of itself before being defeated. Over the course of her two series, Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel had several interactions with A. and MODOK; among others, she was both saved from being disincorporated by 24 embryonic MODOCs who had been outfitted with reality-altering powers when working in unison and separated into two separate entities to fulfill her fondest wish.

personnel, to many actual MODOCs who, apparently, really did function in the way that MODOK was originally supposed to have done namely, as docile organic supercomputers.

/2/  The official NCAA bracket for the March Madness men's Division I basketball tournament 9/22/  Created by Lee Aronsohn, Chuck Lorre. With Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutr, Angus T. Jones, Conchata Ferrell. A hedonistic jingle writer's free-wheeling life comes to an abrupt halt when his brother and year-old nephew move into his beach-front house.7/10(K) DI Men's Basketball News; NCAA bracket: Printable March Madness ; March Madness: Complete sdule, dates; 1 fun-to-watch player from every Sweet 16 team, ranked

MODOT M obile O rganism D esigned O nly for T alkingformerly Nobel Prize hopeful Dimitri Smirkovappears in the third Howard the Duck miniseries and, unlike his predecessor MODOK, can walk without the aid of a hoverchair.

He had no designs of world conquest, but instead was only interested in making money; this may be because the branch of A. that created him did so specifically so he could talk the head office into increasing their budget. He ended up practically ruling the airwaves, influencing millions of viewers through android hosts, anchormen and reporters, all controlled directly by him.

Iron Man has an encounter with MODOG M obile O rganism D esigned O nly for G enocide in the second volume of The Invincible Iron Man. Iron Man dispats him with ease, dumping him in outer space.

The miniseries U. War Machinepublished under the mature-audience Marvel MAX imprint, showcases another version of MODOK salvaged by S. when it is discarded by A. The Ultimate Marvel version of the character features in the title Ultimate Visionexperimenting with a Gah Lak Tus probe on an A.

space station. Although he starts the story as the amoral genius cyborg George Tarleton, after he is infected by Gah Lak Tus, he is eventually reduced to a disembodied head. Another version of MODOK appeared in Ultimate Armor Wars 2, when Doctor Faustus revealed that he, too, was a cyborg and harbored a tiny MODOK inside his hollow head.

At least four versions of MODOK, apparently based around Elvis Presleywere created by the Beyond Corporation to defend their secret weapons factory, State They were defeated by the Nextwave Squad. Their principal mode of attack seemed to involve shooting eseburgers at their target.

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The following issue revealed that the Beyond Corporation was being run by a disguised infant MODOK, apparently conceived by a MODOK and a MODAM. This MODOK escapes the Nextwave Squad, but it is subsequently killed by its master, Devil Dinosaur.

A version of the character features in Iron Lantern 1, a one-shot issue one of 24 that is part of the Amalgam Comics imprint, which is itself part of the four-issue miniseries DC vs.

MODOK is merged with DC Comics character Hector Hammond to form H. H ighly E volved C reature T otally O riented for R evengewho is the leader of the Weaponers of A. a merging of DC's the Weaponers of Qward and Marvel's A. An alternate version of MODOK is seen being eaten by zombified versions of the She-Hulk and Hawkeye.

Later, it is discovered that this universe's Ash Williams had watd this MODOK being devoured. An alternate version of MODOK appeared in Earth X. In recent history, MODOK, like every other telepath on the planet, was killed when the Red Skull 's powers first manifested.

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MODOK's hoverchair, ironically, was later recovered by the Skull's army and the Skull used it as his personal throne. A Dazzler -centered story, "Disco Highway", in issue 4 of the miniseries X-Men : Serve and Protectreleased in Februaryfeatures a character named MODORD M ental O rganism D esigned O nly for R oller D erby.

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During the Secret Wars storyline, the Battleworld domain of Killville is based on a reality where MODOK killed every known superhero, which resulted in its citizens being in constant danger from every supervillain and murderer in Killville. In the pages of Spider-Gwenwhich takes place on Earth, Captain America fights against MODAAK M ental O rganism D esigned A s A merica's K ing. Presidential candidate Donald Trump. MODOK appears in the Iron Man paperback novel Iron Man: And Call My Killer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fictional comic book character supervillains. For TV Series, see M. TV series.

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For the legendary Welsh prince known as Modok, see Madoc. For the prison agency of Missouri abbreviated MODOCsee Missouri Department of Corrections. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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Promotional art for MODOK from Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 Sept. Art by Eric Powell. Cameo appearance: Tales of Suspense 9 September Full appearance: Tales of Suspense 94 October Stan Lee Jack Kirby. The Headmen The Intelligencia The Lethal Legion The Agents of MODOK Mercenary Organization Dedicated Only to Killing. Superhuman intellect Psionic powers Exceptional ability to calculate probabilities.

Retrieved February 22, The Marvel Encyclopedia. DK Publishing.

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Episode September 29, Disney XD. Live-Action Debut". Screen Rant. Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved June 17, showrunners reveal the plan behind that grand series finale". The A. Archived from the original on August 1, Retrieved August 1, Was Going to Introduce Crazy-Looking M. Archived from the original on August 18, Retrieved August 18, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved February 11, Retrieved January 24, Capcom ' Reveals Magneto, MODOK and New Alternate Costumes".

Comics Alliance. Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved August 10, Retrieved January 11, October 2, Archived from the original on November 1, April 0, Retrieved April 0, April 1, Retrieved May 1, February 4, Marvel vs.

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