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GF: Spencer Tunick is [the photographer] who does [the public thing]. Q: By "in public," I mean you're seeing them clothed, then seeing them naked. It's in a book and a movie going out to the world.

So it's "public" in that sense. GF: This deals with documenting people in a non-sexual, non-erotic way. This is not about sex; it's about showing the entire person as they exist in society. The clothed and unclothed, what they do for a living, their age - all ties into my fascination with documenting society. Showing how someone looks if they're a banker.

How do look in their clothing? Then, how do they look when they're naked? When they're naked they're on [an equal] playing field because there are no demarcations of what they do for a living, their wealth or their poverty or whatever.

Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a strip show, and when you're in town, you should make sure to take advantage of the high-energy environment where anything goes. Strip shows in Las Vegas tend to be focused more on production and quality dancing, as opposed to shows in other cities that might be a bit more intimate   Longtime Las Vegas metal band Hemlock unleashes two new albums Exposing oneself: Naked men Hannibal Lecter, Speed Racer and the allure of hot rods. Liz Armstrong. Thu, May 1 I got a press release about this film, Stripped: Greg Friedler's Naked Las Vegas, that was being released as a DVD and as part of Showtime's rotating sdule.I figured, "What a weird thing to do to yourself." Here is a film shot by a doc filmmaker about a photographer as he photographs people willing to be photographed naked for a book

It's just the raw person. I saw the opportunity in Vegas because of what I did in London and the BBC documentary in London. I just had a vision for it and we did Stripped: Greg Friedler's Naked Las Vega s. Q: When you made the film, did people react differently than when you made it strictly as a book?

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You're asking people to be in a movie about it, so it has a different layer or level of exposure, so to speak. GF: I took photos of people in Vegas, which is a huge number because only 75 people make it into the book.

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I think only one out of those people didn't want to be in the movie, only one. So they went for it and it was great. Q: There's got to be a slightly different permutation to making a movie versus making a book. GF: Well it's a different paradigm; it's a different starting place. The book is, "Okay, I'm going to shoot you clothed in three shots, three shots nude, ask what you do for a living and your age, and then, 'nice meeting you,' " and moving on to the next person.

The film is just a different set of assumptions.

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But only one person out of did not want to be in the film, so it worked out. Q: In New York, you can walk up to people on the street and say, "You want to be naked in a book? Q: You obviously were trying to get different walks of life, so how did you find people when you got to individual cities? GF: I found people through websites; I placed ads on places like Craigslist. You find people however you can find them. I talked to the bartender at the Stratosphere, where I was staying, and he did it.

You just talk to people and you feel them out and see if you think it would be something they'd be interested in. Q: How different were each of the cities? GF: Well, New York was the original city, so I did it as my thesis for grad school at the School of Visual Arts.

I shot in a friend's dingy, tiny loft in lsea on West 27th Street between 10th and 11th before it became nice. I shot that over a year. I placed an ad to begin with in the Village Voice, and 11 people responded. I met with them at the School of Visual Arts in a studio and talked to them, then somewhere within those two weeks, I decided I didn't want to shoot them naked in the studio.

I wanted to shoot them clothed and naked in a loft, and did that.

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I shot it over a year and it was an amazing project. LA was next and that was quite different because LA's got a very different feel to it, a different energy and culture. LA was good but not great.

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London was amazing. Not exactly with LA, but New York and London are very, very old cities with deep roots.

  That would be "Naked Boys Singing!," a musical revue with seven men singing and dancing in the altogether. Certainly there's no shortage of bare men in Las Vegas, with at least four male Location: E. Sahara Avenue, Building 16, Las Vegas, , NV Reviews on Nude Male in Las Vegas, NV - Absinthe, Imperial Health Spa, Zombie Burlesque, Atomic Saloon Show, Excalibur Hotel, Luxor Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Blue Man   The naked truth: Where does Vegas draw the line when it comes to nudity onstage? Model: Melody Sweets, "The Green Fairy" in Absinthe at Caesars Palace.

Vegas isn't like that. It's a very new city. It's a very specific, transient culture in Vegas. Q: What was a common thread with the people that were willing to be naked? GF: Well you have your nudist contingent.

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You have the everyday Joe Blow lawyer accountant who's got kind of a wild streak to them who wants to be in it. You're got your sex workers, which were a very huge population of Vegas. You have people that are dealing with entertainment and gambling. But I knew going in I wasn't going to get celebrities, or get people that are "Playboy" models; and I wasn't going to get people that are hanging out at the Palms casino. I wasn't going to get that demographic because they have no reason for doing it.

It doesn't promote their career at all. Some of the people I shot were high on meth.

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The meth problem in Vegas is worse than anywhere else in the country; it's insane. There were four people I tried to track down.

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I went through friends, and they were like, "Yeah, they're dead. They moved.

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Q : How did it feel to be the subject as opposed to being the documentarian? GF: I don't really love it, but I put up with it. I cringe when I see myself on screen. Q: This film project was directed by David Palmer. Did you ever consider directing it yourself?

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GF: I was thinking about it. The whole thing was my idea; I came up with the notion of doing Naked Las Vegas and documenting it. InI went to London for eight weeks and they did a documentary about me shooting Naked London, which aired on the BBC. Q: What was it about this particular director that made you feel he was the right guy to do it?

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GF: He was very excited about it. He had the right kind of energy and ideas, so we hooked up. Q: Did you fight the urge to micromanage? Q: Were you shooting the movie while taking the pictures?

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GF: During the entire month of AugustI was shooting pictures and he was shooting the movie. Q: How different was it having David shoot the movie while you're doing the pictures? GF: Not very different. I tried to keep it real and just let him do what he wanted to do. He would have me go and open a door or do certain things so that he could edit it back into the film later on.

Q: The difference between the book and the movie is that people are sharing directly into the camera. You're getting their feedback. There's something communicated by the wordlessness of the book, but by having the words heard here, what effect did that have for you and the viewer?

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Does it change or enhance the experience? You're the subject of the film, but you're not; you're the generator of it but you're also the subject.

Being videotaped doing the process makes for two different subjects. GF: Sure. The real subject matter Q: There's documenting you doing it; it's a layer upon a layer. It's different from documenting something that's just happening.

It's one thing to go into the whorehouse and go in to videotape it. GF: It's a documentary of me on my journey and Naked in Las Vegas. It's a documentary that has its ebbs and flows of what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, what I'm wanting. During some of the film I'm really down.

I'm not in a good mood because Vegas is an exceptionally crazy place to go for 0 days; it'll hurt your soul big time.

I ran into a lot of problems with not being able to find people to shoot, and what I ended up doing, which was very wise, is Vegas, like Denver and some other cities, has First Fridays. Usually I would shoot over a weekend and shoot 15, 20 people a day, if that.

On First Friday in August of we put up a banner and I shot 55 people in the back of a gallery in three hours.

I couldn't find the post.I am def interested in naked men LOL. Poor hitch can't get compliments and now feels like the mean women are picking on him. I agree with WW yet to see above the ankles Hitch. Come on Vegas leaving tomorrow and psyd. I will be looking for those naked men (since I leaving hubby home) just kidding. LIG Chippendales Las Vegas is a mantastic, sex-god, abs party that will make you lose your damn mind in the best way of course! The guys bring down the house (and drop trou) on stage at their very own theater in the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Answer 11 of I just read in the paper here in Maryland about a naked man who rob a store on the strip (stole a beer) and jump on the bus. Was anybody there to see this? Las Vegas

Q: What were the similarities and differences between people from New York, LA, London, Vegas? GF: One good one is there was a gap from London, which isto eight years later in Vegas.

One big thing is lack of pubic hair. A big lack of pubic hair, almost no pubic hair. Lee, the guy in the film who's the homeless man - I fell in love with him - is just amazing, he doesn't have any pubic hair.

Naked men in vegas

The guy doesn't know where he's going to sleep every night, and he's shaving his pubic hair. That befuddled me. That's why I am into being an artist, to ask, "Why is this woman wearing fake nails and why is she wearing this type of fake nails and what does that mean about her and what does that say about her humanity? What amazes me is that even normal, ordinary people shaved in this thing. GF: In the film, I talked about the lack of pubic hair and then - Oscar Goodman's the mayor of Vegas - I say as a joke, "Yep, it's almost like Oscar Goodman put out a mandate: 'No more pubic hair for females.

I cannot believe he signed a release and went in the film, but it's hilarious. Q: But not naked GF: No. Are you kidding me? He's with the book and says, "I'm going to have to look at this after 10 martinis.

Q: Do you think of the gap in terms of era? Or is it more about place? GF: Something changed in society. There are plenty of drinks at the show, and you can also opt to purchase VIP tickets for meet and greets with the dancers and time in the hot seat. The beautiful men of Aussie Heat love getting friendly with the audience and make sure everyone is feeling the heat.

One of the most exciting cts of this show is its onstage lap dance contest where participants are blindfolded and get to make use of their other senses to identify their dancer.

Men are regularly chosen and the dancers are talented, beautiful, and flirty. This is another show full of sexy Australian men held at the Excalibur hotel and casino.

Thunder From Down Under features some particularly sexy eye candy and great production value.

This show capitalizes on the popularity of the film franchise starring Channing Tatum. In general, the show is marketed more toward the ladies, although men are still welcome. Everyone has their type, and if you are into beautiful black men, this is definitely the show to ck out.

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The dancers are very talented and make an effort to really work the room. Strip shows in Las Vegas tend to be focused more on production and quality dancing, as opposed to shows in other cities that might be a bit more intimate.

Most shows in Las Vegas sell out ahead of time, so be sure to purchase tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line or uncomfortable standing room views. Most shows also come with nightclub admission or even tickets to an afterparty, so you can really make the most out of your evening. The Hottest, Sweatiest And Sexiest Male Strip Shows In Las Vegas ??.

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