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Frenchman Greg Pouy, who runs the wildly popular Vlan! podcast , joined me for a chat about Parisians. Have a smiling Monday disconnected not as me :p Thanks so much johnnybgoode for the pic before leaving for new adventures the whole story behind the pic is quite funny paris champselysees smile happiness. A post shared by Gregory Pouy gregfromparis on Dec 18, at am PST. If you enjoyed this episode, you might enjoy hearing my chat with Caroline de Maigret about Parisian women.

As a French woman myself, I have to admit I am often amused by the amount of cliches you can encounter on the internet if you look for a description of what constitutes the essence of French people.

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Now, of course, some of these cliches are true: no smoke without fire, or as we say, pas de fumee sans feu! Famous French icon Serge Gainsbourg smoking a cigarette - Source: Wikimedia Commons.

You also have to bear in mind that behind the Parisian man lies socio-economic realities that are incredibly diverse and that cannot be generalized. This article hence is not a sociological analysis of all Parisian men - but rather me confronting the cliches I often hear about French men to the men coming from the social environment which I know and belong to.

This social environment only represents a fraction of Parisian men: well-off enough to live in center Paris, and bourgeois boheme. Benjamin Biolay, famous French singer, in Dauville - Source: Wikimedia Commons. In this article, I will list the 5 most important things you need to know about Parisian Men. Thus, this article will highlight some of the cultural particularities that are crystallized in Paris, and influence the behaviors of some men who fall in love there - with another individual or with the city.

Natural means fresh and clean without trying to be spectacular: extremely well-tailored clothing, messy hair and a glowy face.

Juliette Bino, famous French actress in - Source: Wikimedia Commons. Caroline de Maigret is an excellent example of the woman considered beautiful by French standards.

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Her long, messy hair, her glowy skin and her laid back yet very elegant looks have made her famous for being quintessentially Parisian.

However, be careful: people often make a shortcut about Parisian men: they think that because they tend to prefer natural woman, that makes them less attad to looks. To my mind, this is absolutely false.

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Parisian men do not pay less attention to looks, they just have a slightly different idea of what they consider beautiful.

Preferring natural women does not make it easier on women either: they are still expected to meet a beauty standard, however they are also expected to conceal their efforts to look easy-going and natural. Mucha Cafe in Paris - Source: Wikimedia Commons. You may have heard that in France, we do not date like in other cultures specifically, we do not date like Americans.

The Parisian man's clothes fit a little slimmer everywhere than what Americans are used to. Especially when it comes to suits or coats, the tailoring has to be inch-perfect. You'll never catch a Parisian man "sagging" in the crotch, armpits, or cuffs 5 Things to Know about Parisian Men If there is one thing that has been debated over and over on the internet, it is that je-ne-sais-quoi that Parisian women and men are known to have. Everyone seems to agree that French people do it better - or at least do it fairly differently   These Photos of Naked Men in Berlin Show the Intimacy of Gay Sex. By Mikelle Street. Sam Morris was a kid. Probably still is at heart

Flirting and dating here is indeed way less codified that in the United States. There is no such thing as a set of rules of what you are supposed to do during the first date, second date, third date.

That does not mean Parisian men are less prone to commitment - they just consider these things come naturally, without necessarily having to define the relationship with a formal talk. They are tend to be much more instinctive.

Cafe de Flore in Paris - Source: Wikimedia Commons. However, a cliche I have encountered many times is saying that Parisian men have a more casual way of dating than other men.

Naked Paris is about digging into the core of people and capturing humanity. Through photos and interviews, we encounter unique individuals' modern love stories with Paris. We are able to glare at their natural beauty while they expose their naked bodies and Perfection is a moving target. This week, the Cut explores the allure of trying to achieve the impossible. There are multiple ways to really get to know a city. You can see the historical landmarks, eat the carbs, and do the on a recent trip to Paris for Fashion Week, I decided that the real way to understand a city and its locals is to get naked with them Unmade Man? Making Sense of the Naked Male Model. Dr Benjamin WILD 2 Mar

I think this is absolutely false. When going out, Parisian men pay immense attention to the value of the moment you are about to spend together. They will often not suggest a fancy restaurant, but maybe a coffee in their favorite coffee shop never ever Starbucks.

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Or if they invite you over, they will cook a nice dinner for you. This is somehow linked to what I was telling you just above about Parisian men paying immense attention to the moment you spend together. They indeed pay attention to a lot of little details of their daily life: what they eat, where they eat, which wine they drink, if their coffee is good, what path they take to go to work to give them the most enchanting view of streets they see everyday.

This is where, in my sense, lies their sophistication: not that much in the degree of fanciness of their clothes or food, but rather in the attention they pay to them.

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The idea of an ideal evening for a Parisian man during spring is often jeans and t-shirts, a good bottle of fine, sitting on their favorite spot on the banks of the seine and watching the sun set while listening to music. Woman at a cafe in Paris - Source: Unsplash.

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I am not talking only of dating here, but also about all kind of human relationships. Parisian men value dense minds who they will be able to enjoy everything with - whether going out to dance, quickly running to the supermarket to get humus and olives or spending countless hours debating.

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This means that they tend to appreciate people who are both complex individuals but also able to appreciate the simplest things from daily life see abovebut also add their own perspective to them. Well, if you are willing to bond with a Parisian man whether romantically or platonicallyyou have to ask yourself: what makes the perspective you have on the world unique?

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And do you embody this perception in your daily life? What happened today that was a meaningful or beautiful moment to share?

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Waterlilies by Claude Monet - Source: Wikimedia Commons. Paris is one of the most famous cultural capitals of the world, and music, museums, cinema, photography and literature infuse and irrigate the city in a lot of ways. It would be false to tell you that all Parisian men go to visit exhibitions twice a week, but I think they do much more often than the average.

They are all very proud of their likes and dislikes, and often put more energy into passionately hating certain things that on discovering new things they might like.

And, of course, you sure know that Parisian men can get snobbish. It is part of their character, and they often take pride in it: see Benjamin Biolay a very Parisian French singer who is considered an icon in France famous cover of Je suis snob I am snobbishwritten by Boris Vian a very famous French writer.

Benjamin Biolay, live - Source: Wikimedia Commons. All the cabins or bungalows were set among palm trees and other foliage and all had pors or decks where you could sit and eat and write outside. I was happy for the juxtaposition. I found a spot to throw down my towel and beach bag and just let the Saint Tropez sun soak in.

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I soon realized I had more freedom here. I could go topless. As I tried not to look too shocked thank God for dark sunglasses it also became clear that ALL clothing was optional. I was on a nude beach? Wow, how liberating I thought. As my mind was preoccupied with this new way of beach life, I somehow attracted a much younger naked man who walked up to me and promptly laid down on the sand next to me.

He had a dark tan and was very friendly with a thick French accent.

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He was fit and from what I could tell without starring too hard, average hung. He was quite comfortable being naked so I knew he was a pro.

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He quickly told me he was from Paris but also had family in Newport Beach CA after learning I was from Los Angeles. Ha, I laughed to myself.

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I suppose I knew this was coming. In a way, I admired his forthrightness. On the other hand, it was clear he was a smooth operator and was looking for a little afternoon action.

  So we hear a lot about the almost mythical Parisian woman but what about her male counterpart? Frenchman Greg Pouy, who runs the wildly popular Vlan! podcast, joined me for a chat about Parisians. Now Greg says himself he is no expert on Parisian men, but seeming he is a man from Paris, I decided he could shed some light on a topic that we don't seem to discuss so much   What? I was on a nude beach? I estimated that of the sunbathers were totally in the buff and most being couples over 60 years old. Wow, how liberating I thought. As my mind was preoccupied with this new way of beach life, I somehow attracted a much younger naked man who walked up to me and promptly laid down on the sand next to me Naked people have little or no influence on society.' Before this year's round of international fashion weeks, few would have probably challenged this view; but now, it seems the naked man is in ascendance, as discussions about the power and provocation of the

Could I be up for a quickie with a young Parisian stranger? He said there was nothing wrong with two people enjoying each other and spending time together.

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Well, yes I would agree with that but not a total naked stranger who just walked up to me! To appease him just a little, I let him massage my hands all the while I strategized how I would get myself gracefully away from him.

I finally came up with the excuse I needed. As I watd him go, I just had to laugh. I felt like I had just met a gigolo. Maybe he was simply a free spirit pursing passionate and adventurous sexual encounters on hot summer days on the beas of St.

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