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Swazi Reed Dance In I was in Swaziland to photograph Coral Stevens handweaving and had the wonderful opportunity to see the Reed Dance or "Umhlanga" which takes place in the spring every year. Young childless unmarried maidens from all over the Kingdom cut reeds with long knives and then gather and present them to the Queen Mother and dance, colourfully dressed and bare breasted. The ceremony lasts eight days with the King only attending the last day's ceremony. The girls wear coloured tassels and woollen streamers denoting whether they are betrothed or not. The Princesses wear red feathers in their hair. html The Swazis are a proud, wonderfully friendly nation and Swaziland is a beautiful country to visit.

There is a beach in South Africa where everyone there is completely naked and this does not mean people should walk nude in public. In the old days people did wear according to their age groups and sex, the adults covered their bodies as much as possible. Watch Shaka the Zulu film and you will tell me something.

Naked african reed

Even those across the Limpopo never walked naked. Teedzai Nyamudeza Nov Dlamini, Apparently I am not 'my sister' but rather 'my brother'. I didn't get u quite well but do you think it would be wrong for anyone to put on a gear of years ago? A small goat skin on the front and nothing at the back for unmarried persons? Dlamini Nov The reed dance is not about the king hand picking the next wife, please you should understand this.

The Inxwala dance is not held without the King but umhlanga reed dance is. King Mswati III has ruled since which means that he must by now be having over tweenty wives he has 1 wives if this was the norm for every umhlanga dance held yearly. Polygamism is very popular within the Ngunis and in Zimbabwe as well especially with the appostle churs in Zimbabwe where my sister comes from.

My sister the best thing is to attend the Reed dance then your questions will be answered. If I had to make a debate about the church man as old as 65 years getting a sixth wive who is sixteen years old from a congregation, would you justify that?

Is this not a violation of human rights? The law allows a girl who is sixteen or more to be involved in love making without any fear of statutary rape. The list is endless my sister - culture is culture and nobody is forced to attend as it is to the churs is your country my dear. Teedzai Nyamudeza Nov I didn't know I had comitted a 'sin' by revealing that I am from Zimbabwe. But, then, does the fact that Zimbabwe is in 'huge diastrates than our umhlanga' dance disqualify me from making my points known?

If you are foolish anything is possible! Nomatter how much the sex pervets may try to convince themselves that it is proper to make young girls naked in the name of cultural preservation it is not going to remove the stain that is on this barbaric and outdated piece of 'culture'. Answer me, you perpetual 'Guest', why does the parading of these bare sted girls lead to Mswati hand-picking his next 'wife'? Any person of average intelligence will tell that it's because the whole thing is a sexual farce drend in vapid vulgarity.

Guest Nov Talk ur guts out,criticise or like it,swaziland wil still keep their cultures. bare sted or bare ass name it wot u want. the most part is that us swazis we are obliged to still practice our roots.

remarkable, useful idea

long time ago our african ansenstors never walked naked as u people say. thy coverd some parts of the body that is if u know the story of the garden of eden. also get facts before u write anything,umhlanga is once a year and last for a week. As for the one from Zimbabwe teedzai ,ur country is in huge diastrates than our umhlanga. candle on the table! not under. tandekile Nov Saying Africans are forgetting who they are because they are trying to protect the dignity of their girl children in response to changed times and values is stupid and contescending.

The truth of the matter is you cannot just simply wish time and attitudes to stand still or be waht you want them to be and everyone who uses the argument of "this is Swazi culture and must never change" is either a self serving pervert or naive. Why is it that everybody is not walking bare sted or bare ass anymore when we ALL started out like that.

Please stop trying to convince yourselves people Teedzai Nyamudeza Nov By saying the Reed Dance should be abolished no one is saying we don't want to be 'black'. The truth is this culture is out of place in this day and age. How one can conclude that by saying this I am saying 'I want to be a white man' is beyond me. The eyes that are looking at these bare-sted girls now are completely different from those that were doing so a century ago.

My question to those who support this barbaric thing is: Should we walk naked because Africans used to walk naked?

Are right. naked african reed think

It reminds me of a case in Zimbabwe sometimes around when 2 twin brothers went out naked with only a small piece of goat skin to cover up their shame.

They were arrested even though they had a Zimbabwean dress code of a century or so ago. The Umhlanga reed dance is one of the worst things happening in Swaziland today. Guest Nov Africa and its people will continue to practise their respective cultures even if there are some in their own ranks who decides to turn their backs on their heritage.

I can only tell those Africans to look at mirrow so they could be reminded that they will always be black and African even if they wished otherwise. nosimilo salisbury Oct u go swaziland. even though i live in the uk now but im a swazi at heart. never got a chance to attend whilst i was still there but u know wut, sisters are doing it for us all. wish the country cud develop a bit more and allow every swazi to have a beta life.

God bless u ol maswati amahle. Guady-Angola Oct It is not about Sex sex sex!!! But to appreciate African beauty trough African eyes. Well melanised breast, encircled by dark matter -the true expression of the creator. Well done sisters. Guest Oct Booooo! u a so boring with ur lousy english. get another place to practice it not here. Teedzai Nyamudeza Oct This Umhlanga thing is not fit for the morden society.

We all know that long ago when this dance was still relevant the moral fabric that obtained in the society then was different from the one that obtains today.

Not naked african reed right!

History and religion tells us that long ago people used to walk naked so does this mean to say we should accept and promote nudism in the name of preserving our "culture". Culture here is in inverted commas because logic will tell you that the real culture is more dynamic than it is static.

So for trying to cling on to outdated "cultures" a lot of people have found themselves being swept away harshly by the tide of time. Franklin Oct I?m so proud of Swaziland and her people for still holding on to their culture, regardless of what other people are saying.

How can one disparage such a culture that gives the people their identity as well as furnishes their togetherness? Is it not far much honorable and better than those who parade their nakedness in beas and streets in summer, even though they first called us the naked apes?

Very pity naked african reed was

Viva Swaziland Long live Africa Nkosi Sikelele Africa. Guest Oct How do you catch one'are these animals or humans. having a second wife is allowed in their culture. like u dd to ur wife,u propose if she accept then u marry and pay lobola. u dont catch these are also people and they have principles.

these are not prostitudes,they are young maidens keeping their culture and doing what is right. nobody should take advantage or judge their ceremonies.

In African culture not American culture, a king my take wifes so that the next king maybe protected on identity and accessination.A king can not have siblings on his mother's side but if you have no clue on first what is the Umhlanga ceremony then I suggest you keep is American and European culture to take african resources and preserve the little they have but we don't Find the perfect Reed Dance stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Reed Dance of the highest quality Find the perfect zulu reed dance stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now!

Abraham Oct I fear for the ceremony because if i was to attend it denitely i will come back with a second wife cos they are very beautiful and i cant spare them if i see them physically.

please how can i catch one of them? contact me. Tandekile Oct Goodgod!!! as an African Xhosa man living in the 21st century, I do not care how proud my daughter is of our culure and heritage there is no way I would ever allow her to parade or be paraded whatever the case might be bare breasted thus providing easily accessible jerk off material for millions of horny perverts around the world! Ther is a reason we cover up and not walk bare ass and breast in public nowadays and one of those reasons is that while dancing bare breasted might have been ok for the enjoyment of men around the camp fire in the village in the year, the village has now become global, the thinking of men and young men all around the globe evolved long time ago to include women's bare breasts as sexual organs and if you do not know this you need to catch the fukup!

Are you telling me there is no way for the nation to signify and celebrate the purity and beauty of its virgins that does not include them flashing their titties at the world, Oh puhleeez! She said "Oh Im so proud of my heritage, just look at how beautiful this beaded necklace is for instance Are you telling me there is no way for the nation to signify and celebrate the purity and beauty of its virgins that does not include them flashing sexual organs at the world, Oh puhleeez!

Guest Sep Hi there-I ama African white man and I can only hope and pray that I can attend this ceremony one day when I can afford to go-the comments are really perturbing and I say "hold onto your culture" I lived in Botswana for 14 years and I think African culture is the best in the world-viva-I just wish I can get some African gals like this-you may sms if you want and I will respond Buhlebenkhosi Sep Amen Zona!

thank you very much. May God bless you and ur house. Zona Sep It is sad to read and hear African Poeple being ashamed of who they are!!! I am ZULU and proud!!! Let us not dweell on negetive cts of life for that will get us nowhere!!! we should celebrate what the Lord has blessed us with and work hard to uplift and encourage each other instead of bringing each other down!!!

If My God wanted me to be without heritage or culture I woould have been born European but I was not!!! He made me zulu for a reason!!! thats why I respect where I come from and respect all other natins and cultures! rather keep quite if you have nothing positive to say people!!!

mpha Sep Please send me this year's date for the reed dance i want to come. Guest Sep Hello Buhle How are you? Did you enjoy reed dance?

I was there and had a time of my life whowwww!!!!!. Like I said before I was out there and having real fun, fishing for young beatiful women, and guess what?

I netted a big fish, if Mswati can do it why cant I? Zimele Sep Thanx a lot see these beauty of ours, hoping to see more for this year September is a heritage month let us be proud of our culture, "atibuyele emasisweni". Guest Sep Many tanks Buhebenksi. Buhlebenkhosi Aug Hi all,reed dance is starting tomoro,the main dance is on the 1st August.

All people are welcome to watch ths eventful ceremony with us in Swaziland and do enjoy ur stay. Guest Aug Hello Buhle You have not answered my question, What difference are you making to bring about change to lives of people living in swaziland? Since you sound like you have the financial muscle, and living a lavish lifestyle abroad. Next time before you put your Mouth into gear make sure that your brain is engaged. Last but no least you would wish that you were married to be in see what is life, Iam sure its never too late to divorce and come and enjoy the real fruits of marriage.

Who knows you might be living abroad in a Squatter Camp. Stop telling us that you are learned cause it does not sound like, people like us never brag about our education, Companies we own and a lot more. Meet you in the so called reed dance, anyway iam just going there to do what your King is doing " Fishing for young beatiful women. obi Aug this king go enjoy plenty women,fresh chic! i hope i will be there king one day.

Olusegun Aug I posted a comment on dis last year. In all sincerity I did not research the festival and the culture of the Zulu nation.

Find the perfect zulu girls stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now! White lady gets naked with african out for Dangerous Roads In The World l (MUST WATCH!!!): R   40, Naked Virgins. Remsberg and Dulny. Dec 1, From what we've been told, the Reed Dance historically has 40 to70 thousand maidens at the most. Recently

Most of us that are foreigners do have a very shallow view of it. Do you know in a town in South Western Nigeria a similar maiden festival is done. Having researd deeply into Zulu culture and also visited Durban and Zulu land, as long as the motive is to celebrate chastity and discourage immorality I support it and will advise it should be closely watd. Kwandho and Bulenkhosi pls u guys are blood you need to put your swords in their scabbards and your pen in the drawer, the excange of texts is heavy pls settle score in the name of ur ancestors.

Stay blessed. Buhlebenkhosi Aug Hi Nompumelelo. It real doesnt matter wot u wrote cos i ddnt read it,wil never do. im done wth u,let that sank in ur tiny brain. actualy,i hve more better and exiting things to do. Get a life!!! Willie Cecogo Aug Mpi I've learned from a friend in Swaziland that this years Reed Dance will be held on the 1st of this month. Guest Aug Hi Buhlebenkhosi This will probarbly be my last comment directed to you and you alone.

Children are a beatiful gift from God, whether you have them outside of the marriage or not. Having children is not a passport or ticket to marriage as you make it sound like. When it comes to education whow you make me laugh sister. For your own info Iam a succesful Adv by proffession who happens to run a one of the most powerful legal firms in Gauteng SA.

Let me tell you about me sis, intellectual, religious and political. I guess its an interesting cocktail cause it gives me reason to do good and see good in everyone. Creating a better place for humanity and thats what drives me and thats me!!!!!! I have done a lot for swazi students who are studying in SA, we have provided bursaries, scholarships and many more.

You know why, because iam giving back to my communities in swaziland, and what about you Mrs know it all? I dont go and tell who ever cares to listen about staying abroad. Or maybe your are from the royal family hence you could afford to study and work in overseas. Little education or little information is very much dangerous especially to people like you who dont know how to use it effectively.

What are you contributing to uplift the standard of those poor people living in our beatiful country. Its about time that people of swaziland should wake up and smell the coffee and start addressing the imbalances of the past that affects their daily lives.

Theres nothing wrong with the reed dance cause its being practised years and years ago. what happens with life after the reed dance? The poor still remains poor and the rich get rir with women. To be honest with you I have never came across and idiot let alone a dom kop like you on the net. Swettie, I will never let anyone tell me to shut up and not speak whats on my mind. I dont have time for fools like you.

opinion you

If you want my real profile about the kind of work i do and what i provide for the people of swaziland say so and i will forwrd my Companies website address so that you ck it for yourself as iam no fake sister. lastly you can go to the nearest hell for all I care.

Iam a swazi and will remain a swazi whether you like it or not. Buhlebenkhosi Aug Hi Nompumelelo Allow me to predict th kind u a! u wer never obedient to ur parrents,u never went to the reed dance that is why u a unmarried but have children,u a uneducated so as very illeterate and u rarely get access to the internet,hence it took u more thn a month to ans me.

u a also stressed of not making ur ends meet that is why u keep blaming my country and my king for ur stuborness wch is contributed by ur upbringing. For ur silly tiny mind,im not abroad for greener pastures,reason is im very learned and still seeking more education so i take posture back to my country Those girls dont know anything about aids,even if its that much in swaziland why are u mixing it wth th reed dance.

U also making a stupid eg of a raped 14yr old. how many instances had tht ever happened in all th reed dances attended in swaziland. u a not even sure what realy happened to that girl.

there a soldiers ,police every wer at th reed dance. it is safe for any parrent to let their daughters attend. ur only aim is to paint swaziland bad. if u hate ur own country ths much why are u still dwelling in it. by u writing all ths gibbaresh,is it helping u in any way? is this going to change our cultures,even at ur grave u wont hear of it!!! U are full of hate and anger for wot th king is doing,he has changed a lot in she also travelled to Taiwan to bring back technology,how wud u b able to write all ths bad things to show th world about swazis today?

u want him to change his cultures too? how do u expect hm to do that? u dont think about all the good things he had done for th country,how evil u a! i accept all bad comments from people who are not fom swazilanthey dont kno anything,but for a swazi to criticize swaziland,its an embarrassment.

going back to my words,u have no backbone and a bad ambassodor to ur own and only country. Shame on u. Im through wth you,i dont argue with a fool,people might not notice the difference. all u need to know is Swazi traditions n cutures will stand strong till th end of time and u bet,my girls wll be in ths year ceremony. Goofy Aug i have to admit odadewethu bamaSwati namaZulu basenza siziqenye ngabo phambili ngobuhle beAfrica phambili. Guest Aug Please people,dont spoil th so beautiful website.

this is a good culture and its nice to see some people are stll sticking to their roots. if u dont like it,stay away from it or make a change,if u cant better shut up. i also dont think its wise to make aids and poverty the mark here,many countries have been taken by aids and poverty but thy dont do reed dance.

if an indivdual is against ths swazi culture,he or she musn try to turn us all. if ths was my country and my culture i wud accept it or go on exile thn critisising its cultures.

interesting idea

if u cant beat them,join them,a saying goes. guady Aug Morden Swazis do not practice African culture per se, as holistic system, at tall. The Jesuits managed to eradicate it, on the face of the Earth. Reed dance do not have any bearing on the European cultural, political and social system, I am afraid. Our poverty is not because of lack of education, corruption, polygamy, but how the blessing is been channelling. If the God of Jesus and Mohamed represents the ultimate supreme beingwe are in big trouble.

Last year, I went to Emirates, I see the blessing ,Europe I see the blessing, Asia I see the blessings ; just came from Kenya, Nigeria and Congo I see misery.

Foreign Gods are to blame. Or no!

confirm. All

Is not live about balance? Praying without positive outcomes in the ALL CONTINENT ; It is sad sad!! Remember only the God you are lean to, determine the thing to go well or wrong for you. Hell no! James George Frazer, English social anthropologist, who interviewed him, understood him, claiming the African knew the true God. Remember only the God you are lean to, determine the thing to go well or wrong in your live.

Our poverty is not because of like of education, corruption, polygamy, but how the blessing is been channelling.

opinion, interesting

Guest Aug Hello Buhlebenkhosi First of all nobody questioned your loyaty regarding your culture, its good to see that there are still people who have been doomed by the so called culture and afraid of change in this times that we are living in.

Secondly in order for people to appreciate your tradition and culture you need to teach them the basics about your culture. I have gone through the comment you posted in response to the one i posted and from I can tell you right now that it does not need a rocket scientist to figure out what type of a person you are as it leaves a lot to be desired.

I think you might have a problem with your upbringing and please dont take it on some of us. Your comments are disgusting, distateful, deceitful, disrespectful, unwarranted and clearly from a person who suffers from PHD filled with hatred. I wonder what kind of a man who married a pyscopath like you. In short you were badly brought up. Iam might be half shagaan as u said but I shall not allow myself to be swimming in a pool of confusion filled with hatred for foreigners who were merely expressing their own views.

exactly would you

Children have choices to make and not being forced to marry people they dont love or like because of culture. For your info a 14 year old child was gangraped during the so called reed dance when she was left behind and whats your take on that? Grow up woman and stop battering people for their own personal opinions. Lastly I wish your daughters luck for the next reed dance maybe your so called king might choose them and live a lavish lifestyle while the poor remains poor.

Cele Aug Prasad, I spoke to the guyz from inkosiyami. za and they sai they will ate their website with more contents, photos and videos. They are currently working on a DVD about the Zulu Kingdom. Let's just keep cking their site. prasad Aug please show more photos. Mpi Aug hi guys, i want to come to the reed dance for this year when is it, can u send me the dates. Mpho Jul Halala Madiba, guys please send me the dates of this year reeds dance, i am in the Kimberley in the Northern Cape and would love to be part.

Please please guys where is Reeds dance held in Swaziland and send me accommodation list. Hola Swaziland Hola, I am coming. Guady Jul The very devise rite of Womanhood that our Ancestry laid out to fight all form of immorality is the same tools that the enemy of African used to destroy African social stratification.

Public display of their breast is sign, in their way to Motherhood and the place safe is the African Womanhood. Only in this PLACE the Devine Son or King can be born safely, because they are the carriers of this seed. Observing this remnant of African way of live ,Africa did not had sex concept, but preservation of life ,within the circle, birth, growth, maturity, death and rebirth.

Devine experience only with purity of mind-virtuoso experience. Frederick Jul African Beuty, can someone plz tell me the dates. I just like to be there this year. This is what we need to do as South Africans to keep our culture alive. Tata Swazi tata!!!!!!! thats a true swazi. u were raised in a swazi home and in a swazi way. i appreciate ur comments Thandokuhle and im proud of u. ur husband is a lucky man. im also maried wth two daughters n believe me theyl never miss a year of the reed dance.

they v much love n respect it. thats what kept us to be who we are today! Kwandokuhle Jun Im really disappointed with these people who always say Swazi girls attend Umhlanga in order to be choosen as the kings next bride. Im a proud Swazi that attended Umhlanga for years and I value Umhlanga coz it made me stay a virgin for a long time coz I wanted to attend the following year to celebrate my virginity and cut the reed thats used in theRoyal Residents as Emaguma.

Now Im married to a Zulu who is proud of me and have a baby girl that will definately attend Umhlanga in Swaziland and in KwaZulu in order to preserve herself.

speaking, would

Lets not say the girls are naked because the Swazi girls attire is far better than the Zulu's and the Xhosa's in covering but even those they are decent in their own culture and Umhlanga promotes kutiphatsa kahle entfombataneni. Most of the times those that are against Umhlanga is because they engaged in sex early so they are ashamed of showing their body and if you had never had sex you dont see what the fuss is about.

Umhlanga is one of the best culture's in the whole world that will help in reducing HIV. Ningasoneli lisiko letfu lelihle kakhulu nakangaka tsine lasenta satigcina sate sendza singakataleli emakhaya. Allen Jun Allen Jun I cannot believe that people actually use these traditional behaviour and compare it to their own culture and their own idea of what is right and wrong wake up and smell the roses guys.

Have you all gone nuts probly very few of you come from Africa or Southern Africa for that matter. Aids is not a uniquely African disease, why bring it into the equation at all? This is what tradition is all about. People commenting negatively, or commenting about the "sexual" nature and "nudity" in the pics should rather go to the porn sites that they probly prefer.

They do not belong here. If you cant except africa for what it is, rather do not comment and log out. I am currently doing research on the rain dance, the snake dance, the ring dance, the reed dance, stick dance and the wedding dance. If anyone have some more info on these cultural traditions, please let me know.

for my country ofcos. who a u trying to immitate wth ur yey and wot does it realy mean,it sound stupid.

cant u get a reasoning word to use. nobody is arguing here and the only person sounding more like a fool is u! semza Jun never argue with a fool, for we may not notice the difference. If you love Swaziland yey! if you dont like Swaziland yey!

  South African 'maidens' perform annual reed dance KwaZulu-Natal, for the 1th anniversary of the reed dance (uMkhosi woMhlanga) celebrated by the Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithin   About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Author: Winny xxx   I was taking photos of myself against the overflowing Hartbeespoort Dam when I noticed movement on a rocky outcrop way upstream - naked guys and one older, clothed The Naked Truth - Nudity in African Culture on VimeoAuthor: GYMNOS LIVE


absolutely agree with

I FOR MYSELF DONT AGREE WITH SOME OF THE THINGS BEING DONE IN THE NAME OF CULTURE. Guady May Angola Ability to see these girls beyond the sexual gratification. However, to see potential fertile woman that will be a mother. That is the natural joy. The pure feeling come from the imagination that those breast will feed your first son, which is continuation of life-eternity. Remember, these are the tools to resurection.

Cameroonian you a confused CHRISTIAN. Buhlebenkosi May And by the way,wen dd u ck the aids statistics,ck again cameroon leads in africa and i bet,uv got it too. Buhlebenkhosi May You cameroonian man fuck off n stay in ur horible country.

wot do u know dumbo!!! Makinitha Apr i agree wit zak. beutiful but zulus are wild. Guest Apr wow its amazing clothing. muvirimig Apr great culture!!! zak Apr excellent pictures!! Cameroonian Apr Hi to all, With due respect, Is this the only criteria for the king to choose a wife? The whole show is very uncomfortable, very indecent and tempting.

The advantages of this practice i believe are nothing compared to the disadvantages on these young innocent girls and on the swazi people as a whole.

This can promote many undesirable acts. Tell me which normal human being can be at ease in the face of thousands of bare breasted beautiful maidens? who knows if the high level of HIV infection in this beautiful country is as a result of this practice?

I wish not the practice be wiped out at least some decency be introduced, may be the the breasts should be covered. Not everything is to be upheld in the name of Culture, especially when it does not promote the dignity of the HUman Person. This swazi practice could be void of all corruption in the ancient times, but in our present perverse world it is can lead to decadence in the sexual domain. it is like releasing a wild beat from its chains. These young ones are exposed to a high risk sexual abuse, AIDS etc by this practice.

JUst read some of the comments and reports of happenings that surround this practice. I crave much indulgence if i hurt anyone especially my dear brothers and sisters of Swaziland. Objectivity and goodwill counts rather than passion Question Why are some swazi who refuse to take part in this festival Fined? GUEST Mar LETS FACE THE TRUTH, LETS NOT BE NAIVE. The Good this culture promotes is negligible compared to the negative side in it.

Cameroonian Mar With due respect for the swazi culture, i want to think that not everything is to be upheld in the name of culture.

All that is done is intended for good, but personally i believe it all does not promote the good it intends to promote.

It promotes contrary values as far as the human person is concerned. It is passive coercion towards sexual abuse. Proof of this is inherent in some of the comments. Who knows if the High level of HIV infection in this small beautiful country with its nice people is due to this. What this cultural practice claims to promote was not possible even in the garden of eden, among our first parents, innocent and primitive as they were.

What more of our perverse society marked by sexual decadence. I crave indulgence if i sound offensive to anyone. Zubair Malik Mar These are the real people who lives there life simple and does not go for materialist stuff.


Life is too short. one should learn to live simple life. Swazi represent pure African culture. If any body wants send me a mail on my personal view,can send malikzubair79 yahoo. SWAZILUVA Mar lauren, the site loads, after all of the words appear it takes about 5 secs for the site to come up for me anywaybut it never is ated.

I want to find new photos of the most recent reed dances. M Zubair Malik Mar In African cultures Swaziland has a unique cultural and traditional ethics.

People like to criticise Reed Dance event, because its very easy to criticise. In fact what ever is in the culture it could never be outdated just because people wants to see the change. The Reeds Dance encourage youngsters to practice a confident life style. Lauren Mar Hello all, The website www.

za does not seem to be up. Anyone else having problems with it? Guest Feb I am taking a one way ticket and never coming back. Muhammad Zubair Feb In African cultures Swaziland has a unique cultural and traditional ethics.

John Jan Lets welcome each other to a happy new year and this year we as Africans must be proud of being Africans and stop Xenophobia and other hatred towards each other Swazi girls are doing it nicely and we must support them but without the naughty third eye welcome all to a new year.

kay Dec just want to tell all the swazi girls that you are awesome. pay no mind to those who think your lowly of your culture.

be proud of it and who you are. i love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Kimani Dec Its Beautiful, if all you see is nudity you are missing the forest for the trees, There ia absolutely nothing wrong with the dance, Its rich. Olusegun Dec I'm als an african with a wonderful culture but while promoting our culture we should be wary of the fact that the world is moving at a faster pace and there is one constant thing ''CHANGE''.

We should not xpose these innocent teenagers and underaged to potential gender abusers. Are we really celebrating them when we are exposing their God given jewels to the world FREE OF CHARGE? andrew monoke epule Nov An exceptional event, showcases the undiluted Swaziland.

They're certainly one of the great colourful moments in African culture. I still hold very dear the warm memories of Swaziland and her friendly people. Guest Oct DLAMINI FROM BULAWAYO, ZIMBABWE.

I want to say it to everyone in the world that Swazi culture is my culture and I am proud of that, for the past seven years I make it a point we attend the Reed Dance with my family and a group of young girls. I also have some photos of the girls who come from South africa Xhosas, Zulus and Ndebeles clearly indicating that this is our black culture, like it or not. Ncube Sibongiseni, UKZN Oct What is happening MaSwati amahle, why is your government leaving people dying of poverty.

Why are you people of the Kingdom doing this to your people, what leadership are you operating with, why are you leading your people to the grave becuase of hunger. The great Kingdom is seen by it great deeds to it people. Have heart for the poor. Swaziland is a small country, how come that the economy it possess is not enough for all people, why is that?. What went wrong MaSwati amahle, what is going wrong?.

Kind Mswati, your people are dying of hunger, have a heart for them. Take care of the people, that is what God Almighty wants from you. My heart is weeping for those poor people who are dying of hunger plus HIV and AIDS. Someone must stand up for them, someone must speak for them, for they can't do it by themselves. HAVE A HEART FOR THE POOR. Ncube Sibongiseni, UKZN Oct What is happening MaSwati amahle, why is you government leaving people dying of poverty.

Why are you people of the Kingdom doing this to you people, what leadership are you operating with, why are you leading your people to the grave becuase of hunger. Swaziland is a small country, when come that the economy it possess is not enough for all people, why is that?.

Guest Oct ok. fulathelazimbuke Sep I would like to disagree with Ma Ed Nxumalo about the issue of nudity. Zwide I would like to urge you to refrain from smuggling God into this issue. I still wonder why you say God is against naken people. Please go back to your bible Nxumalo. The one I read stated that both Adam and Even were naked.

God created them naked and did not give them any cudduci, pollo or even swim wear for that matter. I am an African and proud of my heritage. I do not want to be told by an equal human that my culture is not correct. Zwide maybe I need to remind you ukuthi you are an African as well and your forefathers were an integral part in the building of a formidable Zulu nation and instilled heritage and culture.

Phambili ngamasiko namagugu ezizwe zama-Afrika. Ngingumsinsi wokuzimilela kwelengabadi futhi ngiyaziqhenya ngaloko. Chirenje Sep Swazi people are unique in that they have not accepted to be premordalised by modernity with its too many rights that are wrong.

what is freedom without restraint. Swazi is the bastion of ubuntu. some pressure groups with agendas are quick to fault the king not to say he may not have his wrongs. it is a flaw however to be unable to separate his personal faults and the goodness inherent in what he represents is ignorance the women l beg them to be moderate and not be misled into this concept of being undermined by men.

they are forces beset upon undermining the superiority of what they stand for let us not be a bastardised people. Mathangwane Sep Only a person from the so-called "first-world" countries could make comments like that about another man's culture.

Phela these guys lost their cultures ages ago and they don't even recognise a beautiful thing even when it's right on their monitors. Visit Swaziland, stay for a month or more, take a trip to the homesteads, town, museum, etc and see for yourself how people feel about MOST of our practises. Don't you go politicising culture Proud to be Swazi. Denis Sep Hi, We are working on this year's contents for inkosiyami. za We should be able to provide you some information about the reed dance and Zulu Culture later next month.

firemike21 Sep Guy's, this is not our culture. These people have a different moral system, and code of ethics. It is not our place to pass judgement on events that are not part of our culture. This is another example of the western world is trying to push its views on other peoples, which is wrong.

For us in the United States, i believe that we are getting into more business that does not concern us. Isolationism once worked for our nation, and while im not proclaiming a total regression to that type of thinking. I'm just saying we could pick our fights a bit more carefully. please, any replys to thie feel free to email me.

proud african Sep let the lusty whiteman go attend the stupid annual bull rampage or the tomato throwing events in europe rather than ogling our innocent maidens trying to find fault with the event. The event is colourful and has lots of rich cultural teachings. whats the fuss with your catelogue of abuses.

These are post colonial days leave us alone. mboloyatota Sep after some analytical and cultural thought ,i naturally dont see anything wrong with this swazi cultural event.

Infact we have to applaud the king for making sure the reed dance survives the test of time and the western unrealistic assault. leave them alone dont be champions against courses you dont even understand.

This is a rich culture, leave us ,africans, alone. sweetlittleinyoni Sep If you look at the pictures posted by Tessa you will see that the maidens are happy, smiling, laughing, dancing - they are enjoying the camaraderie, the excitement of being privileged enough to take part in the dance.

Only if you have been there and seen for yourself can you understand what I mean, feel the excitement of 0, chattering girls- these girls are proud- they can stand tall and say I am untoud!

and nobody has a right to critisise - come see for yourself before making judgements. Proud Swazi - Intfombi yaka Velezizweni. Sibusile Sep my goodness! its Swazi stuff and hey l am a modern lady 2yrs who still participate in the cultural event. People who dont understand it and dont wanna learn about the reed-dance,please find something else to talk about ans STOP insulting us!!

Swazis love and are very proud of their culture and monarch,stop spoilling our happiness. SIBAHLE SINJE!!!! sami Sep let the African culture to live, nowadays girl start having sexfrom as young.

Sami Sep Hey Guyz, let the African culture to live, nowadays girl start having from as young as 12yrs, to get a virgin girl at the age of 16 yrs is very difficult, let the swazies continue with their culture i have no problem if u dont beleive me visit: www. com www. com then you can comment on the beauties of swazi LIVE LONG SWAZIES tech. sami gmail. Jose Spencero Sep I think Ben was hung up on the nudity issue, of which I have no problem with the Swazi's.

My problem is interpretation. Westerners, esp. christians, viewing these pages are awed by the seemingly primitive practice and even more primitive culture.

Reed Dance Preparations Young Maidens Attire

But, it is true, the eyes of the westerner is clouded by his world view that America is the best. Any other practice, no matter the importance to your culture, is not easily grd by ours. Please understand that we are trying to make your culture understandable with only western thinking, as evidenced by the whack-offs looking for jerkbait-but finding many children instead.

As an American, I am not proud of the many instances that we "help" other countries that don't need it or don't want our "democracy" either. Frankly, it is embarassing. But I must also say that I do not like what looks like the exploitation of minors and children. But this is a tradition that was created before modern society, and so, if they don't want to live in "today" then who are we to criticize them.

The Swazi's are not the first or last culture to shun civilization, and cling to what brings them comfort. It's just surprising that the "King" is allowed to hoard all the beauties and bounty whilst everyone else seems to languish in poverty. Not much different than a pride of lions.

It's not for me, but I don't have to live there. An no, Serengeti, shutting up is exactly how these people got themselves into this and not only have no way out, but beleive that this will enrich their lives rather than just the Imperialistic king. So education, modernization, and decency are not your emenies. Silence is. Mphatso Sep wow! great Africa, u r the best.

a person should have identity and culture. in a proud african! S Dlamini Sep ye Nxumalo what are you calling shamefull? its their culture if you dont have a culture just shut up. Ma'Ed Nxumalo Sep This is very shamefull; ladies naked! It's against the will of God and standard principles of humanity. It must definately come to an end.

John Aug Awu, yatsho kahle intswakazi phaya. You are right there Guest let the people do their traditions and enjoy them so that they can tell their children or generations to come how it is done. Now let us move on, lets teach outsiders about our cultures and as much as we travel to overseas countries we learn about their treasures. In Chine we talk of the Great Wall, lots of interesting about that wall- You go to Germany someone will tell you not to forget to ask about the Berlin Wall- Down under Aborigins?

In the Latin America, the Famous Brazilian dance and in Spain the Bull fightingthis world people is amazing and let us just enjoy what other people are doing and not to critisice, lets unite and study what is of benefit to us. Guest Aug Cha ngithi angivumelane nombono obekwe iproud Intombi mayelana namasiko esintu. Okokuqala angixolise kulabo abangalwazi lolu limi engikhethe ukubhala ngalo.

Angisho ukuthi uMkhosi woMhlanga ngiyawazi kwelakithi kwaZulu futhi izinhloso zawo zithi azifane nalezo zaseSwatini. Nami ngifisa ukusho ukuthi thina bantu abangama-Afrika asiyekwe siqhubeke senze izinto zethu ngoba nathi asibagxeki ondlebezikhanya ilanga kanye namaNdiya uma benza awabo amasiko. Kuliqiniso ukuthi asidingi imvume yamuntu ukuqhubeka nezinto zezizwe zethu futhi ngisho nalabo abangama-Afrika kodwa asebephila impilo yaseNtshonalanga asidinge mvume yabo.

Sengiphetha, awaqhutshwe amasiko esintu sethu futhi siyocela abangaphandle b angagxambukeli kuwo. Uma bengahambisani nawo abangayi ezindaweni lapho enziwa khona ngoba nathi asiyi ezindaweni zabo lapho ubathola behamba phezu kwemililo nokunye nje. Awuqhubeke uMkhosi woMhlanga eSwazini nakwaZulu. Proud Intombi Aug What's all this fuss about whether the reed dance is wrong or right?

Why are people acting as though they are the one's being asked to partake in the event? Anyone who has had the priviledge to attend this event should see it as that! It's not about porn, it is about sharing different cultures and people aware how different we really are. Gone are the days when African people needed approval or consent from westerners about what part of our culture is appropriate and which part isn?t.

The fact that something is different does not mean it is wrong! If you do not understand it, that?s ok. Perhaps you find it hard to grasp the concept of a young girl willingly strolling topless in front of people ? let alone looking at her and not getting aroused ? let us Africans educate you. A westernised mind finds it hard to look at these things and not attach sexual connotations to it. Western standards are not absolute in themselves and no single culture, religion, opinion or practise is the absolute template of all man kind should be doing.

In RSA we like to say live and let live.

Consider, naked african reed have

We are all entitled to our differences?we do not need or want approval or disapproval for who we are and the customs we choose to partake in?let African people choose for themselves what makes them happy! No name Aug Let them perve, what's your problem. guest85 Jul Photography and filming should be banned at this event, unless you are a member of the press with special permission to have a camera. I've heard about all kinds of lerous paedo men, particularly europeans, making a trip especially for the reed dance for the sole purpose of ogling these young girls.

Guest May what does the wemen look like. michael May do you have picturs of the reed dance. Kitso May Yeah, Very nice pictures on www.

From the preparation to the Main event. Thx Denis. Zipho May Denis, Thx Great Pictures on Inkosiyami but when will you load the contents?

Denis - Lula Technologies May Hi All, The Portal of the Zulu Community, Kingdom, Reed Dance, Culture, People, business, Warriors is "www. We are currently working on it with a team from the Nongoma Mun and the Zululand DM. The team is lead by Prince Masiko Zulu, who previously worked on Open Africa Project.

We are also looking at creating a ICT Centre for Skills Development in the Area. The Website will be laund just before the Reed dance but you are welcome to browse and send me a feedback. John May Say it again Sam, what is this that you are saying?

sam Apr a celebration of african culture?

amazing stuff! In Somali they have a better one - when you are around nine, they take you, cut out your labia majora, labia minora and sew up the remainder leaving a tiny hole to urinate. they then put what used to be your vagina on a rock to wither and not yetn done, evertime you have sex, your husband must slit you open and resow as well as child birth.

culture is a creation of man - birthed to serve a purpose. when a culture runs its due course and becomes irrelevant, we must abscond it. Serving culture for culture's sake is a form of slavery!! Guest Apr There isnt enough sources that show the Reed Dance. Pics across the web are rare. I literally probably have seen them all. I suppose I have to find personal photographers or something. Does anyone her know of an abundance of info and pics on swaziland and the reed dance?

mvelo Apr people be very careful with your language because it does carry misguided thoughts. the history dates back before the arrival of settlers in africa. there was no division, hatred, tribalism, aids, hunger, immigrants and political geographical borders.

the effect of the scramble of africa berlin conference brought about differences in our part of the world. we were infected by politics of separete development. enslaved to capitalism, forced to look to IMF and world bank for approval how we order our lives. all this was enabled by language. let us remember that outsiders view our culture in a negative way. Create a video. Go live. Menu Search. Features Create. Resources Learn. More stuff. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory.

The Naked Truth - Nudity in African Culture.

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