10 Savannah Must-Dos for First-Time Visitors (2024)


10 Savannah Must-Dos for First-Time Visitors (1)

If you're visiting Savannah for the first time, the amount of things to do can be quite overwhelming! But don't worry, this list is the perfect combination of quaint, quirky, historic and modern. These Savannah must-dos will give you the well-rounded experience you're looking for.


10 Savannah Must-Dos for First-Time Visitors (2)

Explore Forsyth Park

This 30 acre park is nestled in the Historic Landmark District and is known for it's Spanish moss draped oak trees, pedestrian/jogger-friendly sidewalks and the iconicfountain. The park's great fountain is one ofSavannah's most recognizable landmarks, and is the perfect spot to snap a photo!

Within Forsyth Park, you'll find a cafe, a visitor information center, two memorials, a Fragrant Garden for the Blind and two playgrounds to accommodate children of all ages.OnSaturday mornings,a lively Farmer's Market takes over the south end of the park.


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Visit Savannah City Market and River Street

SavannahCity Market is one of the areas must-see spots! Meet some of the city’s emerging artists, listen to live music, visit the American Prohibition Museum, or dine at one of their premier restaurants. This family-friendly attraction offers something for everyone!

Iconic River Street is an experience that can't be missed. Walk the historic cobblestone streets to take in breathtaking views of the Savannah River and indulge in the energetic vibes of the Plant Riverside Districtas you shop, dine, dance and are entertained along this beautiful boardwalk.


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Dine in a Bus Station

The Grey, a former Greyhound Bus Station turned restaurant, serves a menu full of surprising culinary creations. This highly-acclaimed restaurant offers up elegant fare in a surprising environment. Don't have time for a full meal? The Diner Bar at The Grey offers a more casual - but equally enjoyable - experience.

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Explore Savannah’s Sacred Places

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy Savannah’s sacred places. With breathtaking beauty, deep histories and plenty of photo-ops, Savannah’s sacred spots are often at the top of travelers’ must-do lists. Tour Savannah's most iconic churches likeFirst African Baptist Churchand theCathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, or step insideCongregation Mickve Israelto experience oneof the oldest Jewish congregations in America.

Learn About Savannah’s Architectural History

Take acomprehensive tourthrough 300 years of Savannah’s architectural history. Local author, SCADgraduate and owner ofArchitectural Tours of Savannah,Jonathan Stalcup, will lead you on a leisurely stroll sharing Savannah’s history through the periods, styles and forms of the homes and buildings.

Don’t know federal style from antebellum?This tourwill bring you up to speed. The best part?The touris small. Eachtour is limited to a certain number of people to allow for dialogue and questions as they arise. And if you’re anInstagram photo junkie, charge your phone because this tour is right up your alley!


10 Savannah Must-Dos for First-Time Visitors (7)

Shop Local Keepsakes

What would we do without our local business owners? You can't visit Savannah without leaving with a few keepsakes. The Salt Table is an award-winning specialty shop specializing in salts, sugars, seasonal blends, oils, vinegars, dips and so much more. Their flavor consultants are poised to answer any question and make knowledgeablesuggestions based on your needs. Stop byany of their local shops located in Savannah, Pooler, Jekyll Island and the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport.

Don't miss out on all natural and aromatic skin care products at Nourish. The recently restored Kennedy Pharmacy is the Davenport House Museum's gift shop housing books, teas, jewelry and light bites. Locally Made Savannah is a respectful nod to an authentic soda shop where you can shop local artisan treasures and treat yourself to rich signature floats.


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See Artwork by Local and International Artists

TheSCAD Museum of Artis a contemporary museum where the exhibitions rotate based on the academic term. The Savannah College of Art and Design has over 11,000 students from nearly 50 states and over 100 countries, so you know you’ll see things you’ve never experienced before.

On MadisonSquare, you’ll findshopSCAD– a store filled with artwork, textiles, jewelry, photography made by current SCAD students, faculty and alumni.SCAD has many other galleries sprinkled throughout the Historic District, all of which are open for tours!

TheTelfair Museumcollection consists of various artistic tastes and Savannah's history. For a modernized, cutting-edge view, visit theJepson Center. For classic American and European pieces,Telfair Academywill not disappoint. A deep dive into the lives of the haves and have-nots in 1819 Savannah can be found at theOwens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters. Other noteworthy museums such as theAndrew Low House Museum,Pin Point Heritage Museumand theRalph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museumare worth adding to yourbucket listto immerse yourself in the city's cultural, scientific and historical values.


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Ditch the Car

Savannah’s grid layout makes it so easy to get around town and explore by foot - or bike! Savannah is known for its incredible walking tours, like Footprints of Savannah Walking Tours, 40 Acres and a Mule Tour, andWalk with Me Savannah Tours. Savannah On Wheels is a laid back bike tour around the city as you take in everything about Savannah at a leisurely pace. Bike with a group or rent a bike for the day or weekend! If you love seeing the sights at your own pace and schedule, follow our guide to exploring Savannah in 10,000 steps!


10 Savannah Must-Dos for First-Time Visitors (10)

Chow Down on Fried Chicken

If there’s one thing Savannah loves, it’sfried chicken! We've broken down everything you need to know about Savannah's mouthwatering fried chicken scene. Youcan find some of the best atMrs. Wilkes Dining Room, , Sisters of the New SouthorThe Olde Pink House. Wear your stretchy pants and embrace the calories.


10 Savannah Must-Dos for First-Time Visitors (11)

Broaden Your Horizons

Although seeing theHistoric District is a must for the first-time visitor, there’s so much more to Savannah than just that!Tybee Island, Savannah’s laid-back beach community offers plenty of sand and surf, as well as fun seafood shacks and stunning sunset cruises with the dolphins.

Broaden your horizons by exploringSavannah’s many neighborhoods, like theMoon River District, theStarland DistrictandtheVictorian District.

We're sure these Savannah must-dos will give you the well-rounded experience you're looking for on your next visit.By the time you leave, you'll be an honorary Savannahian!

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10 Savannah Must-Dos for First-Time Visitors (2024)
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