Best green skins in CS:GO – green themed inventory (2024)

Do you know that there are over 1700 skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? The game developers from Valve ensured that CS:GO weapon finishes had as many different themes as possible, and each player could find something of likes. Today, CS.MONEY Blog talks about green CS:GO skins that will appeal to wildlife lovers. Wanna have a complete green inventory? Check this out!

AWP Atheris

Let’s start with one of the most popular and cheap AWPs. Atheris is the scientific name of African bush vipers. These snakes are relatively small: their body length does not exceed 80 centimetres, but they are poisonous. This green AWP skin is an excellent choice for a sniper rifle: one accurate attack is often enough to kill the enemy on the spot.

Dual Berettas Cobra Strike

Continuing the snake topic… Cobras (or najas) are known for their hoods, which they open in case of danger. This creature’s poison can be deadly. At the same time, they tend to play with their prey: not making an instant bite but chewing their jaws several times before releasing or killing the victim. As well as one shot from a pistol may not be enough, but several hits in a row will send the opponent to respawn. Adorable green skin!

AUG Chameleon

AUG Chameleon is a pretty cute green skin: a chameleon shoots its long tongue in an attempt to catch an insect. Like this animal, AUG is a weapon that allows you not to be afraid of firing a gun from a distance which is a very convenient and safe way to get your opponent.

MP5-SD Bamboo Garden

Wildlife is not only about fauna! The creators of this submachine gun green skin were apparently inspired by bamboo. It is an essential building material for any country in our planet’s tropical zone, but its appearance is not the most expressive. MP5-SD follows this concept: simple but effective, and this skin can add up to your green inventory pretty well.

Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr

The legendary and most recognizable green skin in csgo is the beautiful Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr. And although the name is not so easy to pronounce, and the skin itself is quite expensive, this is a great elite option for green inventory. It looks luxurious even with stickers!

P90 Run and Hide

Let’s move on to the Felidae. This P90 borrowed its paint from a jaguar. By the way, do you know how to distinguish jaguars from leopards? The most obvious sign is their spots. Jaguars have black dots surrounded by rings, while leopards have simple spots. Both animals are extremely dangerous: if you see one, run and hide!

AK-47 Panthera Onca

A little more cats. Like Atheris, Panthera Onca is the scientific name of jaguars. This particular one is the single panther’s representative living in the wilds of the Americas. The skin’s design reflects this very well. It is one of the most unique green CS:GO skins. On the one hand, we can see the local nature (look at this camouflage!); on the other hand, the ethnic drawings on the AK’s wooden parts are easy to recognise.

Sawed-Off The Kraken

Diving deep into the bright underwater life of our planet for a while. Although not very green, but truly majestic. The Kraken is a mythical creature that is, in fact, a giant octopus. The first mention of this cephalopod, presumably living off the coast of Norway, dates back to 1700. There is a theory that Kraken was mistaken for a simple giant squid (well, to be honest, they kind of can reach 12-15 meters in length). It’s funny that this is several times the accuracy range of Sawed-Off in CS:GO. Life’s ironic!

M4A1-S Emphorosaur-S

And finally, something so ancient, no one ever has seen it. Ah, we’re not talking about the movie! This green skin for M4A1-S from the new Revolution Case refers to the Jurassic Park franchise. Dinosaurs disappeared a long time ago but their memory is preserved. This weapon finish looks exceptionally stylish and almost exactly like a car from the movie! You can say it is one of the best green CS:GO skins!

Emphorosaur-S, as well as other skins from the Revolution case, are available at CS.MONEY! Collect a fully green inventory with us!

Best green skins in CS:GO – green themed inventory (2024)
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