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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and happy thursday. thanks for waking up with us. i'm sorry and i'm james and we're waking up this morning to at the moment com roads, which is different than what we had yesterday. so that's nice. that's good. and also pretty calm out there. not a lot of wind. you're going want win this afternoon. i think it's going to get and then a toasty, john. we're going to be like, wait, where is the way that was nice, actually. yeah, it's definitely not going to be as ocean cooled of the day. >> and that's without that cool sea breeze. temperatures will begin to climb. we're looking outside at what we've got at the golden gate bridge, which is pretty clear skies out there. just the latest evidence of a little shallow marine layer sitting there. not a lot of it pushing inland this morning. and as you can see, skies are clear across much of the bay area. our winds right now, 5 miles per hour. and hayward oakland, a pretty calm as well. see, you're indeed, right? not a lot of that sea breeze and

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that does contribute to what will be a warm one 40's 50's to 60's for a current temps, brentwood in pittsburgh or warmest spots while pacifica in fairfax as well as point, raise our cooler spots. the coast has been really chilly because ocean temperatures have actually been a little cooler than average. that will help keep our coast area school. well elsewhere, a warmer day near 90, if not to 90 degrees for some inland spots reyna. all right, john, thank you for that. yes, much calmer conditions on our highways. >> that's the good news bay bridge. 11 minutes traveling into the city. the meter lights are on pretty much anything slowing you down. 72 right across richmond, sandra fell bridge, san mateo bridge just short of 14 and the golden gate bridge. 37 of the tolls, 18 minutes darya. james, back to you. thank you. reyna 601. let's get to the breaking news. alameda county firefighters are battling a massive fire is burning in a public market in castro valley. we have kron four's michael thomas on the scene for us this morning as the mop up continues. michael.

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>> that's right. and you can really see just how bad this realign fire was here in castro valley. take a look. this is lake chabot public market. and according to alameda county fire, this is now going to be a complete loss. and you can see that roof is completely caved in. and to give you perspective of just how about this fire was, take a look. this is video from about 3 o'clock this morning here. it's the lake chabot public market. it sits on lake chabot road and you can see those flames going through the roof in really breaking out the markets front windows. everything inside this morning is now completely either burned or drenched with water. and as of now, the cause still unknown. however, fire officials say there is a gas line that's inside that could have been either adding more fuel to those flames or possibly the cars. however, it's all still under investigation. fire officials say there were no injuries to report the neighboring buildings and residents were not affected in those owners are still in their homes. and the owner of this specific market has not shown up yet this morning, but some

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neighbors are starting to come out. we spoke with one who really this is a loss for the entire community. >> we come down here like i'm down to ice cream after dinner. we'll come get shop. >> that we bring the camera back out here live. you can see on the front it says ice cream. there's both some other neighbors. tell me it had the best ramen in town. so it's a lot of small business owners who have the storefront inside of here. and when it comes to the alameda county fire department here on the scene, there's probably about 40 to 50 fire officials. they've also called in a neighboring agencies to help fight this blaze. they say that they're going to continue to be here all morning. and again, it is a complete loss. so as we get more information from both fire officials here or even the owner or one of those store front owners, if they show up this morning, continue

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to keep you updated updated. but that is severely disturbed. castro valley and michael thomas will send it back to live in the studio. michael, thank israel smoky are at 603. and another developing story that we're following right now. 8 students in novato were arrested. >> after a big fight on campus and parents are now really concerned about safety. no, no doubt crawford's will trend actually on scene for us there at this middle school will walk us through what happened. what happened was the fight took place on friday afternoon as sinaloa middle school. and it's been so scary for a lot of parents that many of them have kept their kids at home during the week, even though school is. >> coming to an end as far as what happened while the kids they were arrested on tuesday. so couple of days ago it took a little while for the investigation and for the police department to look at the cell phone video of the brawl that took place on friday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon with many students surrounding the fight and

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other students, of course, using their cell phones to document it. we do know that the kids are between 12 and 14 years old. a lot of he said she said back and forth as far as who is the bully and who is the victim. but the parents all agree on one thing that the school has had a bullying problem for years. even some parents who don't have kids who go here anymore. but when their kids, we're in school, they said they brought this to the school district as well as the administrators that's in the low and middle school and nothing was done moving forward. i can tell you that a lot of teachers and administrators, they are going to leave their doors open at lunch to make sure that if the kids feel unsafe, they can go inside least have the teachers directly. look at them in at least offer some protection. they will have extra resources as far as security on campus just to allow the parents to feel a little bit better dropping off their kids. and

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of course because they are minors. their names are not being released to the public, but it was so severe that some of the charges include felony assault. >> thank you. time now 605. and 20 years after he was found guilty. scott peterson, who was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife laci. he is trying to get free. yeah, get another shot at it. anyway. his lawyers are working on getting dna evidence that they say >> could potentially prove his innocence. we have kron four's rob nesbitt with the story. >> scott peterson and his lawyers are asking for access to dna that they say will prove lacy was still alive. with pearson left their modesto home to go fishing. 22 years ago on wednesday, the judge allowed access to dna testing of one item. it's been 22 years since the bodies of laci peterson and her unborn child. conner washed ashore in san francisco bay, her husband and the man convicted of her murder appeared in court via zoom wednesday. peterson's

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lawyers, but the los angeles innocence project have filed motions for access to dna evidence they say will prove laci was alive on december 24th and vanished while peterson was away fishing in san francisco bay. prosecutors with the san mateo da's office have refused to hand over dna evidence unless court ordered on wednesday. judge elizabeth hill ruled that a piece of duct tape down lacey's pants will be able to be tested but deny dna testing on 13 other items. peterson's lawyers also claim shoddy police work saying the modesto police department's original investigation allegedly suppressed and lost court documents. they also claim that eyewitnesses who saw laci walking in the neighborhood at times after her husband left modesto, were never interviewed by police. scott peterson is being held at mule creek state prison about an hour east of sacramento. the san mateo district attorneys office will now need to consult with the ags office to determine what lab will do. the dna testing reporting in redwood city. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> it's 607, and authorities

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have identified the man who was shot and killed in belmont last friday. 27 year old dante gaytan was from san francisco. he was shot near irwin and hiller streets near 101, shot several times actually. and investigators are still looking for the shooter. >> in the east bay, we have one man dead now and another in the hospital following a shooting in oakland. so video from the citizen app shows police tuesday night here on foothill boulevard right near stanley exit just off of 5.80, when officers arrived. they say they found one man who'd been shot. he ended up dying at the hospital. the second man later showed up at the hospital on his own. he is expected to survive. a motive for the shooting is still being investigated. >> take a look at this milpitas police. >> showing us video of another mountain lion there is and watch. >> now you can it on. can you believe i can jump? this is for 30 in the morning

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yesterday. >> the home is in fair, unfair meadow way. >> wow. i mean big. yeah, he's very. but now remember the other cat big can't we saw watch this one in milpitas. >> this was at a mobile home park in dickson. landing road is the place there. they've used drones with thermal imaging to try to find his big cat. they can't track it down. i don't know if it's the same >> ok, well, let's head to the east bay now this is what it looks like inside in apartment building on 26 avenue in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. there are a lot of problems on top of that. the building hasn't had power for a month now following a fire back in january in the tenants are now suing the landlord saying the landlord hasn't made any repairs or reimburse them for any of the last food that spoiled in their fridge is any loss medication because of spoilage hotel stays. they've had to pay for the land or hasn't. reimbursed him for that one tenant says that while electricity was restored to most of the units, 4 units are

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still being powered by a generator that actually sits outside of her window. and she says the fumes making your family sick. >> we've been enduring for over 4 months now. i'm being on temporary light. we don't know when this building with power power off again. >> kron 4 did reach out to the landlord of that building. we haven't heard back, but we are told the landlord does plan to meet with tenants about the situation on friday will be following the story. san mateo county is seeing an increase in the number of people living in the streets according to their latest court in their latest count, should say in january more than 2100 people were experiencing homelessness. that's an 18% increase compared to the previous year. officials also say they saw an increase in people receiving shelter, emergency facilities. redwood city has the most homeless people in the county followed by pacifica and then unincorporated land along the

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coast. >> it's 6.10, right now and a bakery known for its moshi doughnuts and muffins is closing its san francisco location this weekend. 3rd culture bakery send an e-mail out to customers announcing that the inner sunset location will close after sunday june 2nd, the store on irving street first opened back in 2022. and the owners decided to sell it because of the challenges in finding and keeping good employees. 3rd culture has to other locations still in the area there in berkeley and walnut creek. it's 6.10, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, homeowners. their concern this morning because some say they have lost their son home insurance policies. i don't know if they're going to do. >> a cowboy in the east bay is arrested because he pulled out his phone to record police and they didn't much like it. and after the break, expect to see some improvements to muni stations will tell you where you can expect to see and how it wit's 6.13, and

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here are 4 things to know this morning. san francisco leaders are seeing some progress when it comes to drug related arrests. police have made about 3,000 arrests and seized 200 kilos of narcotics in the past year. more than 50 students at stanford held a march in protest. they are against the israeli airstrikes in gaza that hit rafah. israel's prime minister has called the attack a mistake and also lawmakers took up a bill that would forbid school districts from notifying parents if their child is

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transgender or comes as lgbtq+ at school, some parents say this can be harmful to students mental health, but other parents say that they want to be aware of what's going on with their child when they're not help. the phillies beat the giants. you was pretty bad. 61 at oracle yesterday and there are some high tensions with the players, a little bench clearing not a brawl that this cleared the benches. giants take on a fresh series with the yankees tomorrow. but they did win too out of these 3 games to none. >> okay. multiple aerial rescues in sonoma county to tell you about. the county sheriff's office says they rescued 3 mountain bikers inside to roan and l state park all just mere hours from each other. all the cyclists were transported to the hospital. and these are just some of the examples of the aerial footage showing some of the rescuers being lowered

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down. yeah, the stranded bicyclists were so you don't want like it was the was terrain bad for them to get lost injured. bill may be twisted. an ankle couldn't write out that type of stuff yet where you say for james on the couch, exactly what i specially this afternoon. it's going to be way too hot to do job. yeah. paha out. bring the water with. he's going to be treacherous out there yet. we're just not used to temps this warm yet. and with some of the first 90's that we've seen this year. >> we are going to be looking at a really, really warm one yet again, especially after that break from the warmth over memorial day weekend. >> really calm here at the embarcadero. hardly any movement on the flag. there. the bay bridge in the distance. nice sunrise taking shape right now. skies are crystal clear from the coast to our inland areas. we've got a generally sunny and warmer forecast ahead of us inland 80's firmly entrenched. now that low pressure out and a high pressure ridge building in today and tomorrow are going to be the hottest days of this forecast. but dry and

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sunny conditions will continue into the weekend today. not much of a sea breeze allowing your inland areas to get as hot as they will be tomorrow. much the same friday night into saturday, though we'll start to see that cool sea breeze kicking back in. that will place a little fog into the bay starting saturday morning and a moderating effect on temps into the weekend allowing weekend temperatures to cool down just a few degrees. that does mean that today and tomorrow are the hottest days, though, not something that you're necessarily noticing at the coast where things are steady but elsewhere in the bay area, temperatures are climbing and back up to the 80's in redwood city to mountain view near 90 for campbell morgan hill, us caddo saratoga and livermore each 87 while hayward through oakland and up to richmond all in the 70's today, concord, close to 90 while pittsburg, antioch in vacaville or 3 spots actually getting to right above 90 degrees today tomorrow. very similar temperatures. we do back up the heat a little bit this weekend making for really

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pleasant weekend. actually, monday is on our coolest day of the forecast before temps climb again next week. >> right now. all right, john, thank you for that. well, we have a 20 minute delay on the san francisco line in all directions. looks like they have some unscheduled track maintenance going on. so that's why we're seeing that slight delay. hope for able to get that move in throughout the morning. a 14 minute ride into the city with no accidents on your bridges to start 14 minutes. san mateo bridge 80 to 101, over the east bay. still seeing a lot of green selling down to 37 about 23 minutes. i'm 88 82 oakland deciding on which one to take both nice and light so you can choose between the 2 and the south bay 1, 0, 1, 85 to menlo park around 30 minutes. all right. james, back to you. thank you. raymond 6.18, and muni is getting about 5 million dollars to help improve access to stations for people with disabilities. >> the federal transit administration has given the agency 4.6 million dollars in all to help build platforms and install a wheelchair ramps

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at 5 light rail stops. the stops are going to be along the jade church and oceanview lines. >> well, the san francisco sheriff's office is defending its use of chemical agents during a training exercise that ended up spreading to a nearby elementary school. this after a san francisco chronicle report indicated those chemicals used by officers were decades old. so this happened last tuesday. we reported on this during the morning show 20 students and a teacher were total elementary school experience burning sensations and her eyes and scratchy throats that has multiple law enforcement agencies were conducting a training exercise at a nearby county jail in san bruno. the san francisco sheriff's office said the uc berkeley police department brought the chemicals and while the office believes the canisters had been pulled from storage, there appears to be no greater risk to health. then using a new product. san mateo county supervisor david canepa says this should never happen again. >> were in 2024. there has to

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be protocols and processes in place that way. now what's deeply, deeply more alarm is that now we find out that was a multi agency >> you know, police, various police departments and that we're looking at canisters that are from the 1960's that would disposed. >> the sheriff's office said last week that they are pausing all chemical agent training classes while they review what happened. >> time now 6.19, and we want to give you the latest now on the trial involving president trump being accused of using hush money. he's in new york city right now to affect the 2016 election. the jury began deliberations yesterday. no verdict has been reached just yet. but our washington correspondent, basil john, has been following the latest from washington. basil. we'll talk james good morning. and former president donald trump is in

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the courthouse right now and the jury was dismissed yesterday at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. now the jurors must consider all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records and the jurors must be unanimous to convict >> former president donald trump and the rest of the country must now wait for the 12 jurors to deliver a verdict in the hush money trial. we already have to wait outside the courtroom yesterday. trump continue to accuse the judge of putting him into unfair situation. we had a fair chance, the jury will determine whether trump is guilty of 34 felony charges of falsifying business records involving hush money payments to adult film star stormy daniels before the 2016 presidential election. the jurors have to talk about who they believe who they disbelief, why they just believe why they believe

6:22 am

georgetown law professor gregory mize says this could be a lengthy deliberation, how much the jurors need to consider. it is a big task. but i i think anything's possible. >> and i i i wouldn't dare predict. what's going to happen in this case. >> court starts up at 9.30 this morning. and the judge has offered the jury to work until 06:00pm each day going forward. reporting live in new york city. i'm basil, john. thank you. basil. >> it's 6.21. and as home prices keep climbing a bill in the state capitol is aiming to level the playing field. the state assembly just passed a bill that prevents some big corporations from buying single family homes and turning them into rentals. this was authored by assembly member alex lee, who represents parts of alameda and contra costa counties. that bill now heads to the state senate. >> going to take a quick break here at 6.22. but coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, a

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community college program in pittsburgh wants to help high school students get college credits will have more on that coming up. and after the break, $0.99 stores could be coming back. but under a new coming back. but under a new name, we'll have details. ( ♪♪ ) you made a cow! actually it's a piggy bank.

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>> 6.24 and with the rising cost of childcare and 2 california, san francisco's mayor, a candidate mark farrell is trying to change that. he's going all the news conference today and took covid talk about his plans to establish universal health care for kids in san francisco. he says state reimbursem*nt rates failed to cover the true cost of care,

6:26 am

which creates a financial strain. families spend an average of nearly $40,000 a year between infant and preschool care. the major policy announcement is set for 10 o'clock this morning the san francisco's continues do this. race will hear more and more. i'm sure from the various candidates, a popular asian grocery store is finally opening in the east bay korean grocery chain h mart is opening a shop in pleasant 10. it's the bay area's 4th location for this chain. the store opens at the dublin retail center right next to the stone bridge. so stone ridge shopping center, the dublin h mart will have outdoor dining to complementing its mega food hall where they got lots of different asian cuisine. no word yet on the exact date of the opening. >> walgreens apparently jumping on the price cutting bandwagon. now joining target walmart, amazon and slashing prices on hundreds of items

6:27 am

while greece's the prices are dropping immediately on more than 1500 items online and in its stores. and that includes both name brand and store-brand items. the company is hoping to lure back customers who've been driven away by high prices and are now choosing need over. want. meantime, dozens of shuttered $0.99 only stores could reopen as dollar tree stores. dollar tree has made a bid. now for about 170 closed $0.99 stores here in california and also across arizona, nevada and texas. $0.99 stores originally opened back in 1982. and quickly expanded to 371 locations before going out of business. this past april dollar tree also operates family dollar stores in california. i'm michael comments live in castro valley at the scene of a massive structure fire coming up, i'll tell you the details of where

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>> 6.29, and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. if you're headed to the airport, it looks pretty good. sunny over there in a phone and looks like plenty of sun from here on out there. of the other san francisco school oakland international john wright, so much both kids, omaha sunny and similar names. well, we are looking outside at 2 similar bridge. is the bay bridge looking good under that sunshine? and then the golden gate also doing just fine under the sun. you can see it right here. sitting are right there at the mouth of the golden gate in the bay. >> looking great on a fog free morning. we are going to see the sunny conditions through the day today and witho-t

6:31 am

access to a lot of coastal air. you can see winds are fairly relaxed. temperatures will rise really quickly. in fact, brentwood, you hardly fought in the 70's last night. just now dropping down into the 60's while oakland at 54 alameda at 58 sonoma. pacifica point raise some of our cooler spots down in the 40's later on today, temperatures rise into the upper 70's to upper 80's. even a couple low 90's for the stimulant. >> rain. all right, john, thank you for that taken. bart, we do have a an alert for you. 20 minute delay on the san francisco line in all directions. they're doing some track maintenance work there. so that's what's slowing that lying down our bridges. no accidents on them. a 16 minute ride into the city. the meter lights. what's slowing down right now? 15 minutes a 80 to one the san mateo bridge. richmond, sandra fell bridge starting to pick up last check in. we're at 7 minutes now at 12, a little slower and the golden gate bridge. 37 of the tolls, 19 minutes. was back to you. thanks a lot. 6.31, let's get back to the breaking news

6:32 am

that we're covering. a big fire that damaged a local public market in castro valley. and we've got crop was michael thomas on scene for us with the latest on efforts to >> secure the scene. michael. >> yeah, that's right. and you can really see just that smoke coming from the 3 alarm structure fire. take a look. it's at the lake chabot public market and firefighters have been here almost for about 5 hours or so with alameda county fire now saying that this lake chabot public market is a total loss. and that's because as you can see, that roof completely taken out. and to give you perspective, take a look. this is video of the fire at around 3 o'clock this morning. it's the lake chabot public market that 6 on lake chabot road. you can see those flames going through that roof and essentially breaking out the markets, windows everything inside as of now is completely either burned or trench with water. and as of right now, the cause is still unknown. fire officials do say that there is a gas line inside that possibly could have made those flames get even bigger. but everything is

6:33 am

still under investigation. there were no injuries that were reported. and neighbors tell us that they did start to see the flames at around 2 o'clock or adding that it is really a tragedy to lose this year in the community that we come back out here live. you can see they're still putting that blaze out from i would assume it's just some hot spots, but lots of smoke in this area. the surrounding buildings and the homes were not affected other than just some splashes of water as they continue to try to put this out. but neighbors are still gathering here this morning. you know, taking a look to see exactly what has happened to you live nearby, sir, do you live ok, got it. well, he does not live nearby, but he's just taking a look because he does come here quite often. he says so. that's a very latest castro valley. and michael thomas, tara and james, we'll send it back to you for now. all right. still smoky out there. we'll check back with you later 6.33. is the time and the homeowners insurance crisis that we've been reporting on is hitting. >> the community renda, particularly hard major

6:34 am

insurance providers have already started canceling their policies. and that means one of homeowners going to do if you've been to read to, you know, there's a lot of hills, a lot of trees. and so that's why insurance companies are leery. >> the city hosted a town hall for homeowners impacted by all this and and get a chance to ask their questions about the insurance policies available for sara stinson takes a look. >> homeowners here in orinda tell me they've either been dropped by their home insurance company or they're on the brink of that. many saying they are desperate for answers and solutions. that's basically why i came to see my worst fears were realized in they are. her brown is one of thousands of bay area homeowners experiencing the statewide insurance crisis. first hand. he's lived in orinda for 30 years and recently got told by his home insurance provider that he's being dropped this fall. don't have a plan right now. brown and more than 100 others packed into the library auditorium wednesday night for a town hall with the state

6:35 am

department of insurance and the renda mayor. darlene, gee, you have been very, very hard hit. we were one of the hardest hit communities and but it, but it is very emotional. insurance providers say they are not renewing thousands of policies due to wildfire risk. state farm alone is set to cancel 30,000 insurance is statewide. nearly 2000 of them in orinda think it's really, really hard. and it's it's terrible when you get dropped. the state does offer a policy for homeowners who are unable to get insured in the marketplace. it's supposed to be a temporary safety net, but the commissioner's office says 1000 people are applying for it every day. the deputy commissioner explains the state's ongoing plan to stabilize the insurance market. the california sustainable insurance strategy includes requiring insurance companies to write no less 85% of homes and businesses in distressed areas that are identified by the insurance commissioner. the state hopes to complete several reforms by december of this year. but

6:36 am

some say that's too late. patients are dying on the side of the road and there are your way from getting to the hospital. and we simply ask, keep moving as fast as possible because this is very real is very worrisome. even handed out this flyer here at the town hall for the second annual wildfire prevention and safety fair is this saturday. it's at the community park and it starts at 10 30. i'm sara stinson reporting in orinda kron. 4 news. >> well, 6.35 is the time in the south bay. investigators have arrested a man who they say assaulted another man at a light rail station. according to deputies. that assault happened yesterday afternoon. it was on the platform of the vta station in san jose near children's discovery museum. the suspect then reportedly went home and barricaded himself inside. deputies say they were able to negotiate with him. eventually he surrendered. they arrested him. authorities say the victim took himself to hospital. no word on his condition. it's not clear what prompted that attack.

6:37 am

meanwhile, in redwood city, a woman has been arrested now after a car was set on fire. police say that fire broke out in the parking lot of second avenue, right near highway 101. a witness later showed police video of the woman allegedly starting that fire. she was found and booked on charges of arson and resisting arrest. >> irishman man is accusing police of assault assaulting him because he's trying to videotape the response to an incident. yes. so now a lawsuit's been filed against the city and kron four's. dan kerman shows us what happened. but they they this richmond cowboys calling for the firing of to richmond police officers who he says attacked him and violated his civil rights while videotape them responding to an incident. this is surveillance video thpt may 5th incident near jos market on mcdonald. crazy gusts as the incident was almost over and he was in no one's way when officers turned their attention to him bottom. >> what get out of the way.

6:38 am

your point. >> and i've got do here is overwhelming time the way. >> and then came back you know the start pushing pushing me pushing me pushing me of the officer came my face. roughly a real gust was arrested for resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer in training that this is either out of control officer or >> there's a pattern and practice that exist that is allowed within department. but gus's attorney john burris says that was just an excuse for police to attack his client and violate his civil rights because of the basic respect person has a right to have as a citizen should be free from police abuse. and ought to be able to exercise a constitutional right with what out fear that they're going to be subjected to boeing type activities and essentially arrested and taken to jail for

6:39 am

something that they didn't do that with the because they stood up for the right to exercise their rights had a news conference wednesday bursts announced he's filed a claim against the city of richmond for the actions of police. sergeant alexander canine officer nicholas redneck. this is the first step before filing a federal civil rights lawsuit to this is the kind of conduct that i very much offended by as fergus who was both a cowboy and a horse trainer. he thinks those 2 officers should no longer be on the job. >> i want this type of stuff to having a more because they you know, countless young black men how many people they are aiming do this to also that nobody knows about. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. richmond police say they take all use of force incidents seriously and they are investigating. they have also reassigned one of the officers in that incident to a temporary administrative position where he has no contact with the public time now 6.39 in san francisco

6:40 am

leaders are seeing progress. they say when it comes to drug related arrests. let's take a look at the numbers police have made about 3,000 arrests and seized 200 kilos of narcotics in the past year in the tenderloin and south of market, most of the drugs were fentanyl. our math. and it's now been a year since francisco launched its operation crackdown on drugs on the streets, bringing together local, federal and state officials. it's 6.39 in the north bay, a popular nonprofit conservation corps north bay. they are preparing to help their community in need by providing on-the-job training to underserved youth. looking for a career in conservation by providing paid on-the-job training. the nonprofit is hoping to prepare young people for the workforce. trainees are between 18 and 30 years old and typically low income or unemployed. the nonprofit's ceo says that services involved paid training for green jobs along with wraparound support to ensure

6:41 am

that participants to get their basic needs met. community college in pittsburghais paving the way for higher education for high school students in east contra costa county. last out college is offering a free dual enrollment program that allows high school seniors and juniors to take college classes during high school. dean of students. success reports that about half of east contra costa high school graduates. don't go on to college. those who are currently enrolled in this program are passing with a c or higher. the program is free and it's offered at 9 traditional and alternative high schools districts. and you can see the ones on your screen there that are participating. there are more than 50 courses to choose from including american sign language. >> all right. coming up in the next hour, what would a warriors game be without that guy? franco finn, how the

6:42 am

trailblazing hype man became the face of the nation. and today is going to be another sunny one. but even warmer than yesterday was climbing into the low. 70's for san francisco, jose in the mid to even upper 80's. >> i've got your forecast and get you rolling on a thursday morning. tracking your morning commute as the driv

6:43 am

hi, i'm greg. i live in bloomington, illinois. i'm not an actor. i'm just a regular person. some people say, "why should i take prevagen? i don't have a problem with my memory."

6:44 am

memory loss is, is not something that occurs overnight. i started noticing subtle lapses in memory. i want people to know that prevagen has worked for me. it's helped my memory. it's helped my cognitive qualities. give it a try. i want it to help you just like it has helped me. prevagen. at stores everywhere without a prescription. >> we are back at 6.44. and here are 4 things to know. the sonoma county sheriff's office says they rescued 3 mountain bikers inside the trio and

6:45 am

adele. a state park all just mere hours from each other. all bikers were transported to the hospital. one man, though, is dead and another is in the hospital following a shooting in oakland. this happened near the stanley exit off of 5.80. a motive in shooting still being investigated. the san francisco sheriff's office is defending its use of chemical agents during a training exercise that ended up spreading to a nearby elementary school. they say that uc berkeley police department brought those chemicals. the sheriff's office said last week they're pausing all training exercises like this. while they review what happened. and tenants in oakland are suing their landlord over unfixed repairs on top of that building hasn't had power for a month following a fire in january. one tenant says that has been restored to most of the are still running off a generator. >> 6.45 right now and a lot of people are going to be cranking up the ac probably with the temperatures go the way they're going, john. oh, yeah. today is the day that

6:46 am

we're probably going to be seeking out those cool places. those shady areas to try to get out of the sunshine a little bit because inland areas going to be really warm. upper 80's to low 90's in some spots this morning, this crystal clear skies, a sign of a little bit of a change of pace from those cool ocean breezes which had made for a windy but moderated forecast this past weekend. that is on the outs now as this low pressure area that was helping to keep us cool is making its way elsewhere. and a high pressure ridge will sit in place for some time. this is going to keep us hot and dry, not just today and tomorrow, which our warmest days, but through the weekend and well into next week, too. so this is a trend of weather that we're just going to settle into. as for today and tomorrow already mentioned, these are the warmest days. we do see temperatures moderate a little bit this weekend, friday night into saturday morning. a little fog slips back into the bay and along with this, that cooler ocean air will help to drop temperatures on saturday. back down in the low 80's inland. as for today at 60's to 70's

6:47 am

in the city, definitely bring the extra layer with you to the coastline elsewhere, though, it shorts and t-shirts. and yes, a spot in the shade. if you can find it. redwood city at 80 degrees looking at the south bay nearing 90 in morgan hill saratoga. campbell, in gatos, 70's remain from hayward, oakland up to richmond, concord, close to 90 pittsburg. antioch in vacaville are 3 spots a tually getting to are right above 90 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures almost identical to today. still plenty of sunshine friday night. we see the return of that cool ocean air cooling us a bit into the weekend. monday. the coolest day of the forecast with highs in the 70's before we see temps climbing again right now. all right, john, thank you for morning commute. starting to pick up already walnut cree,. if you're traveling along. 24. >> down 5.80, around 12 minutes. no accidents on the highway. but obviously you see a lot of traffic 90 minutes into the city. the meter lights. that's what's slowing you down on the bay bridge highway for about 33 minutes. so fairly busy, but we've seen

6:48 am

it go up to about 60 minutes. so as not as bad along 80 crockett down towards them. 30 minute ride. you start to build just as you're in san pablo all the way into oakland, southbound 6.80, dublin to fremont to 60 to about 19 minutes. and there is a 20 minute delay on bart. that's on the san francisco line all directions. doing some track maintenance there. that's what's slowing it reaches back to you. thanks a lot. reyna. is honoring a api month? and our story today involves the golden state warriors kron four's. sara stinson actually caught up with the team's energetic hype man, franco finn who still the only asian american. mc. >> in the nba. >> a familiar face in even more familiar voice to doug nation. has been the golden state warriors hype man for 21 seasons. a trailblazer in an

6:49 am

industry where filipino representation is slim to none. i was the first. >> and only filipino american asian american hype man in the nba fan was born and raised in san francisco after his mom immigrated from the philippines in the 70's your mom back in the philippines. yeah, this my moment of philippines. you can see she graduated here from of far eastern university. she's the first act or her family. >> and a loyal warriors fan credits his mom angeles for his love of sports side. sit right next to her and we would watch basketball. we watch warriors. watch all that. >> that love and passion. was definitely from the early beginnings of my mom loving the sport. >> he still lives with her. always putting her first. >> my mother is a true warrior. that still gets up. still stands up. i'm talking us know, cancer survivor stroke survivor covid survivor and now colon cancer survivor. what most people don't know is all that fun does after he

6:50 am

steps off the court then serves on the executive board of the san francisco chamber of commerce hotel council and film commission my mom will see later somehow he still finds the energy in time for back to back events. he reached elementary kids. amy has an idea. >> being light pole goes on post various events for asian american and pacific islander heritage month. business and auctioneers i juggled 3 or 4 these in one day. >> but i'm not going to stop its just, you know, as long as my phone keeps ringing and they want a little bit energy, they want to hype man, a host of emceeing auctioneer. i'm here for the community of you for the people's so they can use communities are as with reading to the kids. yeah. and i really still find time to volunteer. i want to really put my money where my mouth is growing up in the bay area. finn says he didn't see himself represented on the screen so he never even

6:51 am

dreamed of hosting until after he graduated from santa clara university in 2002, he got his first on your job at radio, disney. he was also selected to be part of stir tv. a magazine style show about asian-americans. but he got his big break unexpectedly while he was hyping up the crowd for a hillary duff concert oakland, mobile whole ahead, worriers executives and their daughters backstage. >> and their mouths were alive. did you just get this arena hyped up as the opening act? >> for this pop sensation more than 2 decades and for nba championship rings later, finn says he's now starting to feel like he's making a difference. and then i started getting messages on social media later in my career. >> from people in the philippines, asia all over the world saying. thank you for representing like what is there's not a lot of host that look like you and last year. finn got the honor of hosting the nba. all stars game in

6:52 am

utah and then go to his family's home country of the philippines for the federation, international basketball world cup. and it was spectacular. it was like the homecoming. i never thought. >> researched about me. i had a press conference in says the most rewarding part of it all is being a role model to the next generation of asian americans. but they're like i've been watching you since i was, you know, 6, 7, 8, and now they're all grown out and said i'm doing what you're doing because i i know i can. so that's why. >> this month matters, visibility matters. and your voice matters. i'm sara stinson reporting kron. 4 news. >> very cool. all right, 6.51 is the time coming up in the next hour of the kron. 4 morning news with fatah rock festival now in the rearview mirror. san francisco is preparing for popular bay area festival as well. we're going to tell you what big names are set to hit the stage this ye

6:53 am

6:54 am

6:55 am

>> 6.54 right now and for your health. as i drink some coffee, delaying drinking your morning coffee a little bit could be a better start to your day. there's a report by researchers who recommend starting having that first cup of coffee. 30 minutes to an hour after you wake up. oh, i mean, right out gate and they find that usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes for that coffee to kick so that you feel the caffeine. they note that caffeine affects everybody differently. but they say that when it comes to the last cup, you should not have coffee be on 6 hours before bedtime for you to sleep. also calculate 6 hours back her. yeah, i just stop

6:56 am

after the show. i don't have anything after that. feel like look it during the break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news in the next hour. we'll continue our breaking news coverage of the fire in castro valley. massive fire broke out of the public. markets are live at the scene. >> plus, homeowners in the east bay are concerned this morning after some say they've lost. >> their home insurance policies. what are they going to do now? we'll take a look. and scott peterson is asking a judge to allow new dna testing in his 20 year-old murder case. we're going to tell you what the judge decided. right

6:57 am

6:58 am

6:59 am

now on the kron. 4 morning news. a massive fire breaks out at a popular market in castro valley. we're going to be live at the scene. plus, multiple students arrested at a nevada middle school after a fight breaks out that sense. i'm to the hospital over live on campus. and a warning to milpitas residents after reports of 2 big mountain lion spotted within just miles of each other. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. almost too close to friday. i'm daria and i'm james us and so close to. >> hotter. temperatures jumping talking about this ramp up all week long. you know, when going to start feeling it, john, yet today tomorrow, these are the hottest ones, although we stay

7:00 am

warm out service. definitely don't have any cool downs ahead of us. skies are nice and clear out there across the bay, including right along the coastline. take a look at this view at half moon bay right here without a single cloud in the sky. looks a lot like yesterday. did so fog. obviously not much of an issue. no chances of rain ahead of us either. and this weekend, we are in for a change from last weekend. just a little breezy and brisk at times, winds have completely calm down. now and temperatures will rise pretty quickly today. right now we're sitting in the 40's 50's at the coastline. well, 50's to 60's for inland spots as we've stayed all night long for areas like pittsburgh in vacaville later on today, highs in the 70's 80's and even a couple of low 90's. and tomorrow looking very toasty as well of more in this forecast. still to come right i don't think even that well, that morning commute is already starting to build. we're getting busy. >> the bay bridge a 23 minute ride. thankfully, no accidents or hazards on any of your bridges this morning. but you're going to see a lot of

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