The Fully Black Themed CS2 Loadout (2024)

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September 28th, 2023

The Fully Black Themed CS2 Loadout (1)

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One of the most fun things to play around with in CS2 are fully color-coded loadouts. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with being able to use a specific color for every one of your skins, and part of it comes from just how hard it is to pull off. But when you do manage to get all your weapons to fit a color theme, it makes for an extremely satisfying experience.

So, what if you’re looking to start building a full loadout of purely black weapons? Having a full loadout of black weapons can really help show off your more stylish side, while still maintaining a certain degree of class and sleekness that we’re sure many people are huge fans of. Well, if you’re planning on that, we’ve got you covered with a list of weapon skins that will fit perfectly!


Your pistol is your secondary weapon and a key part of your loadout. When push comes to shove and you’re backed into a corner, you’re going to need to pull your pistol out to get you out of that tough position. So, when the time comes, we’re sure you’ll want your pistol to look nice and snazzy! For this purpose, we’ve curated a list of the best black pistol skins in CS2.

USP-S | Ticket To Hell (Minimal Wear)

Littered with little details and decked in out typography, the Ticket To Hell USP-S is a design that makes great use of its limited palette by incorporating a lot of small touches to its look. While it’s not exactly a quiet or simple design, it does do a lot with very little, and thanks to that it really stands out from the pack.

USP-S | Ticket to Hell (Minimal Wear)Starting at$0.42-39%

P2000 | Ivory (Factory New)

Taking things in a more simple direction is the P2000 Ivory, a weapon skin that relishes in simplicity the way many other skins don’t. It features a two-tone design that works extremely well with each other, and it makes for a skin that’s both elegant and sleek while still managing to look striking. Another great one for simple skin lovers!

P2000 | Ivory (Factory New)Starting at$0.43-39%

Glock-18 | Red Tire (Factory New)

With the Red Tire Glock-18, we veer a bit more into the grittier territory. As the name implies, the weapon features a tire tread decal all around it, with subtle red accents adding some nice contrast to the mostly black weapon. A small amount of white also pops in here and there, and it works great to help that weapon stand out from the crowd. Definitely a dirtier-looking skin for the rougher player.

Glock-18 | Red Tire (Factory New)Starting at$4.11-30%

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Factory New)

Desert Eagle skins always deliver, and the Conspiracy Desert Eagle definitely lives up to that expectation with one of the most classy and elegant-looking skin designs in the whole game. The Desert Eagle is already quite a professional-looking weapon, and adding a matte black sheen to the entire weapon with the slightest of gold accents works incredibly well.

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Factory New)Starting at$5.38-47%


Rifles are where the bulk of your CS2 playtime is going to be, and as such it’s important that your rifle is always looking good when you need it. Our list of black-themed rifles fit a variety of tastes, but they’re all excellent skins to brandish in a match. So, let’s get straight into it!

AK-47 | Slate (Minimal Wear)

Starting off the rifle section, we’ve got the deep black Slate AK-47. Unlike many of its contemporaries, the Slate skin is fully black and makes no concessions about it. The finish is what allows the weapon skin to truly shine, with subtle highlights really selling the sheer sleekness of the rifle. It accentuates the general look and shape of the gun well, and for that, it earns a spot on the list.

AK-47 | Slate (Minimal Wear)Starting at$3.43-33%

M4A1-S | Basilisk (Minimal Wear)

Continuing the trend of more realistic, militaristic, and clean-looking weapons, we have the understated but excellent-looking Basilisk M4A1-S. Unlike many other weapon skins, the Basilisk M4A1-S revels in its simplicity, brandishing the clean perfectly. For fans of more realistic-looking skins, this one is a fantastic choice, and it’ll fit perfectly with the rest of your loadout.

M4A1-S | Basilisk (Minimal Wear)Starting at$4.94-32%

M4A4 | Mainframe (Factory New)

The M4A4 Mainframe skin takes notes and cues from the previous listings but decides to have a bit more fun with the concept of a plain black skin. Using simple accents and highlights, the weapon manages to show off a rather intricate-looking design on its side, which contrasts well with the rest of the rifle’s more basic and simple look. A memorable skin for sure.

M4A4 | Mainframe (Factory New)Starting at$0.06-45%

AWP | Elite Build (Minimal Wear)

Unlike the other rifle skins, the Elite Build AWP manages to throw in a bit more color without abandoning the sleek black look that other weapons on this list have had. Adding a touch of orange always works great with monochromatic colors, and it makes for a skin that’s both sleek and futuristic. It’s an excellent example of a clean design that doesn’t need to do too much to stick out from the crowd.

AWP | Elite Build (Minimal Wear)Starting at$16.64-29%

Knife & Gloves

Of course, no themed loadout would be perfect without a matching pair of gloves and knife! Knife and glove skins are some of the most popular and important when it comes to CS2, so you’ll always want to make sure you’ve got a good pair on at all times!

★ Huntsman Knife | Black Laminate (Minimal Wear)

If you like realistic, militaristic-looking skins, we’ve got the Black Laminate Huntsman Knife skin prepared for you. It’s a simple skin, but that heavily works to its strengths. The biggest change to the coloring here is the straight black line along the groove of the blade, which makes it seems like there’s a second hole along it. A clever little change for the weapon, giving it a sleek look.

★ Huntsman Knife | Black Laminate (Minimal Wear)Starting at$129.00-38%

★ Sport Gloves | Nocts (Minimal Wear)

Ending off the list, we’ve got a skin that really embodies the idea of simplicity down to a T. Instead of boasting bright gloves with accents, the Nocts Sport Gloves are simple and sleek, looking more functional than extravagant. This all works to the gloves’ favor, allowing them to fade into the background without being completely devoid of personality.

★ Sport Gloves | Nocts (Minimal Wear)Starting at$595.00-41%


There are a lot of excellent black skins in CS2 definitely more than enough to really make a solid loadout primarily made of black. We hope this list managed to help you find a new favorite skin, though even if it doesn’t it’s all fine. CS2 has many other black designs, it’s just a matter of finding them. Take your time, and have fun!

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You can find all the skins on CS.MONEY Market easilyLet's try!
The Fully Black Themed CS2 Loadout (2024)
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