TUREWELL FC1592 Portable Oral Irrigator Instruction Manual (2024)

October 31, 2023

Table of Contents

  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Accessories
  • Operating Procedures
  • Installation And Disassembly Of Jet Tip
  • Usage Instructions
  • Disassembly Example
  • Battery Maintenance And Handling
  • Common Problems And Solutions
  • After-sales Services
  • Read User Manual Online (PDF format)
  • Download This Manual (PDF format)

TUREWELL FC1592 Portable Oral Irrigator Instruction Manual
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Product Descriptions

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Product Accessories

The jet tip and other changeable components can be purchased at retailstores.

Operating Procedures

Preparation Work.
Extremely important! Prior to using for the first time, please fully chargethe device, and insert the USB plug into the power socket, as well as connectto a power supply. During power charging the product cannot be used.
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Installation And Disassembly Of Jet Tip

Insert the jet tip into the spray head hole by screwing it in, until you heara clicking sound
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As shown in Diagram 4,open the water tank lid and pour water into the watertank; note: please ensure that when pouring water into the water tank, thedevice is switched off.

If changing or removing the jet tip, please press on the disassembly button onthe jet tip handle before removing the jet tip

Usage Instructions

  • This product has a memory function, and after switching it back on the water pressure mode will be the same as when the device was switched off.
  • The standard, gentle and massage modes may be switched whether the device is on or off.
  • The modes may be changed when the device is switched off, and you can select the mode you like before switching the device back on.
  • Irrespective of the mode, after operating for 120 seconds the product will automatically switch off.
  • When the massage mode is used for more than 3 seconds, remaining battery power will be displayed.
  • During recharge, the three display lights will flash. When all three display lights are constantly on, this indicates that the power is recharged.
  • During usage, If all three display lights are flashing, this indicates that the product’s power is insufficient, and recharging is required.
  • During recharge this product cannot be used. Rotate the jet tip dial in order to adjust the direction of the water flow.

Recommended Techniques

Holding the device at downward slant, position the jet tip in the mouth, anddirect the jet tip at teeth before switching on the device.

When the water flow and the gums are at a 90 degree angle, slightly close yourmouth in order to avoid the water spraying out, and achieving the bestresults. Please first clench the teeth (rear teeth) and begin to apply to theincisors. Slide the water flow along the gums, as well as pause brieflybetween teeth, until the area around the gums and the spaces between the teethare fully cleaned
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Disassembly Example

Following Usage

  1. Please switch off the power, as well as empt tank.
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  2. Using both hands as indicated in Diagram 2 – use your left hand to hold the product body, and your right hand to hold the water tank. At the same time rotate downwards in an anti-clockwise direction, in order to remove the water tank.
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Battery Maintenance And Handling

Battery Maintenance

  • Prior to initial usage the device must be fully charged, for approximately four hours;
  • If to be stored for a long-period of time, please fully charge the device in advance.
  • In order to maximize the usage life of the battery. please promptly recharge when power is insufficient.

Battery Handling

The device includes a lithium battery which cannot be changed. Towards the endof the battery life, please dispose in a local recycling centre.

Common Problems And Solutions

ProblemsReasonMethod of handling
Leakage of water between jet tip and screw partThe seal ring on the fixed

socket for the jet tip is damaged, and the jet tip cannot be installedproperly| Contact the retailer for repair, and install the jet tip properly
Water tank leaks water| Seal ring is loose| Re-install correctly
Inadequate pressure| Low voltage usage| Use after recharging
Device cannot be switched on| Low voltage usage| Use after recharging
Water tank sides are leaking water| Air entry hole is producing water|Standard phenom- enon high air pressure principle

Gentle reminder.

  1. Atthe time of initial usage, please select ‘gentle mode,” in order to avoid the gums bleeding due to lack of adaption to usage. After consistent usage for two weeks there should be improvements. If bleeding is excessive or bleeding continues after two weeks, chronic gum inflammation could be an issue, and it is recommended that professional dental treatment be sought.
  2. tis not recommended that the product be used by children, or people with dental implants, oral ulcers or open oral sores.

After-sales Services

Thank you for purchasing the portable Oral Irrigator – please take note ofthe following issues:

  1. Please retain the effective sales invoice issued by the retailer as a maintenance document.
  2. One year product malfunction warranty for non-human malfunctions is provided for this product in accordance with the relevant state provisions. If the product was purchased via Amazon, the documentation is not required, and only the order form number needs to be provided. In order for us to provide corresponding after-sales. Free maintenance (based on the invoice date for purchase of the device);
  3. 3. Where the following circ*mstances arise during the maintenance period, costs and services fees shall be charged based on circ*mstances;
    • The customer causes damage due to inappropriate usage or maintenance;
    • Repairers who are not covered by third-party repair cause damage during repairs:
    • Lack of a relevant sales document or more than two years have elapsed since the date of manufacture;
    • Damage caused during usage for commercial purposes;
    • Damage caused by force majeure events (such as storms, earthquake or fire).
  4. It’s normal phenomenon that caused gum bleeding when you use the water flosser in the first time, which depended on different gingival sensitivity. It is recommended to start at a lower level to use the water flosser

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TUREWELL FC1592 Portable Oral Irrigator Instruction Manual (2024)
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